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  1. [X] - Sverige Player 1: Yordi Player 2: Elite92 Player 3: Tony Reserves: CapitanFindus Strenght and Honor!
  2. Sorry but i don't consider hunting going in players missions,I like to chase in the OW,that's where the fun and the battle begins to me.
  3. WTF are you high?Last year Devs killed solo players with ai fleets and forts everywhere making solo playing almost impossible.Now it is defintely impossible.
  4. +1 OP and I really hate what the PvP has become.......player versus repairs.......very very sad.I can understand the one dura thing but there MUST be a limit even with one dura ships.
  5. I agree with KOC,in my opinion there should not be bots or forts at all in a PvP server.They basically turned the PvP server into PvE and we already have a PvE server for those who don't like to fight players.I would prefer the old formula tho,a player can have a fleet till a certain rank,2 Snow,just to give new players a bit of cover till they make some experience in combat,that's it.The game simply offers too much proctection and that's no good,it also remove motivations from new and old players,why should anybody bother to get good at the game and finally achieve a well deserved victory in
  6. I ll write this in english just cause it's the last time i write here due to the fact google translate sucks and i can't really understand everything. You guys seems to refuse the truth,we got screened by spanish players multiple times before even thinking of attacking your ports.I think you saw that was not only me and my mates doing hostilities but almost the entire faction.Have you wondered why or you just think every pirate wanted Venganza? Un saludo o7 P.S. I ve heard a pirate came to your ts talking in my name or the rest of the guys.I don't know what you were talking abou
  7. Está claro que tenemos diferentes pensamientos. Ayudar a alguien a la batalla del puerto no significa que no podrá luchar en el mar No voy a matar al pvp en el mar, yo juego sobre todo para lo. Este es mi motivación, no una excusa.Te hago una pregunta, si no con la otra alianza,con los que podemos trabajar juntos? o si desea nosotros que luchar solos? Espero que entiendan con esta traducción. o7
  8. Lo siento que me siento odio hacia ti, no lo es.(i am sorry that you think we hate you,it's not true)Pero, ¿cómo se puede decir que la batalla del puerto no es algo diferente? Cada vez que hay una batalla puerto tenemos que luchar contra tres facciones.La realidad es la siguiente: estamos jugando un juego y todo los players tiene que proteger sus intereses.Lo que teníamos que rechazar la colaboración y sucumbir a su alianza? o7
  9. Lo que diga puede ser correcto, el problema es que ahora la mecánica del juego (alianzas) ponen en una gran desventaja facción pirata.Por desgracia, hay dos grandes alianzas ahora, español-sueco-francés y luego están el británico-estadounidense-holandés.lo que debemos hacer? rechazar cualquier propuesta y continuar luchando contra tres facciones solos?Yo personalmente lucho todos los días contra los americanos,los inglés y el que me encuentro en mi camino, pero la batalla puerto es una cosa diferente.Antes de la llegada de alianzas piratas y españoles colaboraron o al menos se mantuvo neutral
  10. deshonor porque se negaron a luchar y luego hacer una trampa. en relación con el Inglés, que tiene los suecos y los franceses como aliados y nosotros simplemente nos adaptamos a la situación. que no es ahora que ya no estás tres facciones contra los piratas no te diviertes más?
  11. "Podìan elegir entre el deshonor y la guerra,se eligiò el deshonor y tendrà la guerra." cit. W.Churchill
  12. Exactly,that's the difference between you and us.FORZA E ONORE,VIVA LA DECIMA!!
  13. I've prepared a full turning Trinco and she turns like 3.30 in the harbor.With upgrades,rum ration lightweight ropes and blocks etc etc she does even better.I've already defeated frigates class ships and i can definitely say that she can t really outurn a frigate but in good hands she s not that easy to stern rake,hope this helps.
  14. I've tested it different times on different ships and both give 0.4 kn
  15. Hello Captains! We re a group of players always looking for trouble,we used to play for the BIA multigaming community and now decided to start our own hardcore pvp guild.If you 're looking for trouble too, you may want to contact us. Fair winds,Tony. Some ingame contacts:Tony-elite92-CaramonMayer.
  16. мы не обращаем внимания, посмотри на меня, я назвал мошенника каждый день игрок использует только потому, что они сосут, чтобы играть.
  17. "better to remove freetowns all over the map" was clearly ironic.I m not trying to hate on you.i just pointed out that you used the freetown as well as we did and i m sure that if things went good for you(i mean killin us all the time)we would not be here reading this topic.
  18. I ve been up there in the past few days.You are asking for freetown removal after you guys used Sunbury to put up gank squadrons to kill us(wich did not happen).You even engaged us in crazy fights like Elite said 12v3,20v6 and still managed to lose.So i guess, few failed ganks=better to remove freetowns from all over the map......-.-
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