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  1. 48 minutes ago, Christendom said:

    Zero support from other pirates =/ FENIX upset because VCO wouldn't night flip ports you guys refused to attack.  From day 1 in pirates you guys were allied with HAVOC / GB, which I found a little puzzling coming from Spain.  

    You wanted someone to do the heavy lifting for you and take ports you wanted.  We said no.  You found a nation that would and joined the zerg.

    I don't know about the nightflip stuff,I wasn't playing back then but yes we had zero support from pirates that openly admitted to hate us especially WTF clan which was clearly playing for Capitan Reverse even screening our screening fleet the very day of Christmas.That said I'm still wondering how Capitan Reverse had the nuts to post such screenshots in here,well knowing what was going on.We had multiple battles like this,with the WTF guys sabotaging us even shooting full broadsides at us.


  2. 13 minutes ago, HachiRoku said:

    Yeah one time. I sank his 4/5 wappen and his carro setup trinco the very next day. I can provide the screenshots. His wappen was also crushed by my trinco. How do you explain loosing that one.... He came to duel in a dps tank. I underestimated him and did not look at his guns. I remember that battle very well because I fucked up hard. The next 2 times I killed him no problem. 

    Btw. I am very certain I had a 2v2 against you and yordi with Bomgordel where you 2 were in endys. 

    As i said,your skill is not in doubt here.You ask me to explain his loss,well, he understimated you and did not look at your guns,he fucked up hard.Sounds familiar?But that's not the point.Point is everybody fucks up,everybody can be beaten.At a certain skill level who fucks up less wins.

    I can't really remember the 2v2 you're referring to,but if we lost was because retardo3000 did understimate you and did not look at the guns :P

  3. 2 hours ago, HachiRoku said:

    I've also beaten every player but turpos

    I know you're a good player but that's a bit exaggerated,you did never sink me(not telling that you're not able to,it just has not happened yet) plus not long time ago i saw my friend retardo3000 aka Yordi stomping you live on twitch.I don't want to attack you or offend,just being the voice of those poor beaten players on the server.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Fletch67 said:

    You are removing the one defence  the one chance newer players have of taking down the big bad wolf that hangs around in the green zone.

    Whats happened? Has Captain reverse lost too many ships in the last few days? These guys will be sailing around taking off peoples masts at will but no one can counter it by chaining them down sometimes I really feel this game is set up so experienced players can slaughter noobs with impunity.

    Don't think Reverse has nothing to do with it.Sniping masts is part of the game,it requires skill,it requires practice. It is way more efficient than chaining and players,noobs or not,should practice and learn it.There will always be players better than others like you can see in any other game\sport ecc...

  5. It's a good change,in the last few days i experienced fights where people would just use chain till the end no matter what happens, i mean to the point where i was side by side with 'em but they were still goin chain even hitting the hull.I ve tried to tell em that was not going to work and yet chaining was the asnwer,guess what?they sank.To me Admin is making these players a favour forcing them to learn the game.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Cortez said:

    Everyone sailed Wasa when it was almost for free.Now you need Vic marks, and suddenly it`s "NERF IT", "NERF IT".

    Look mate

    The problem it's not me not having the wasa or marks to replace it(I have multiple wasa and marks to replace it btw)

    The problem IS that people don't want it to be nerfed just because at the moment it's a super ship and even mediocre players can feel they're good at the game just spraying in the masts with its big cannons and watching em fall.Not to mention speed,turn rate etc etc....

    The ship clearly needs some tweaking and only an incapable would not admitt it.

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  7. 40 minutes ago, AxIslander said:

    Then, do not complain!

    And keep it civilized.

    I do not complain and it was civilized.The uncivilized version would have been:

    Do you brain-dead monkey even understand what your post is about?A group of friends should disband coz you dumbass think that's the right thing to do?etc etc...

    But I'm civilized and not gonna talk to you that way.

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