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  1. The title says it all, We need a clan warehouse that can be managed by the officers. right now all our resources are spreaded over all our players that are not online at the moment we need them. it would be very nice to have a warehouse that can be accessed by all. That warehouse should be managed though. Here are a few suggestions. 1. An officer makes a certain item available for a certain player. 2. Officers should be able to make rules on what goes into the warehouse and what should not. 3. A warehouse can be placed by the leader and the leader should be able to place it anywhere he
  2. thats true and when you find oak logs you find out theyre more expensive than gold ingots.
  3. There should be group missions indeed. here are a few things these missions need to have. 1. everyone will get the mission reward if theyre on the same level. ( meaning that everyone will get the reward that usually is only for the host of the mission) this means that people with a much higher level will get the same reward as the host and people with lower level than the host will get that xp and gold reward based on their level. 2. when the group gets bigger the amount of enemys need to increase. otherwise missions will get too easy to complete. the number of enemies you face needs to b
  4. well just an outpost so people actually spread over the map instead of buying everything they need in the nearest port and thus making it more expensive. The cost of making a ship is allready high. you still need to gather resources and craft the items you need. extra costs will only make it an extra painfull grind.
  5. no subscription based system. that will ruin this game just as it ruined elder scrolls online. the game will get heavilly critisized for its current value wich it hasnt got yet and the steam rating will be most negative. next thing you know your playerbase is gone and all that remains are the few hardcore players who have no one to fight against. market prices will increase by an outrageous amount becouse there is no one selling of buying anything. the majority of us hasnt got that money to spend on one game and many of us hate subscription. im sorry to say it but i thing those who vote
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