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    I am 74 and a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and Civil Servant. Born and raised in the State of Georgia. Joined the Union Navy at 17 and served for 22 years. Love computers, history, gaming, kicking back, and pretty much anything that requires thought.

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  1. Hey, Hey, Hey, I'm that generation and I have a computer.... Thank you very much!!!! ((;o )
  2. Cut the guy some slack! Antietam is Okay but Chickamauga would have been my choice.... Being from Georgia and all, seemed like a natural choice for second game....((;o )
  3. I wanted to change my character's name and like an idiot I deleted my original character before establishing and testing my new character. Of course I lost everything except my XP and don't have a clue how to go about recouping my ships, outpost, gold, etc. I don't expect any one to own up to being as stupid as I but if you know of a solution to my problem your input would be dearly appreciated. You can contact me at my Profile Page on Steam or email me at sevendays59@hotmail.com or reply to this posting. Thank You in advance.
  4. How much RAM do you have?? That will impact you ability to play the game properly!!!
  5. I've never belonged to a clan. It has been my experience that when you get involved in a group organization things become cluttered and dealing with egos isn't in my plan of the day. I am a retired Chief Petty Officer, 74 years old, needless to say, I just want to become the best at the simulation. I don't play well with stupid but otherwise I'm a pretty easy going guy..
  6. I'm not big on a bunch of BS or folks ego-tripping. I want to learn and play the game without a great deal of hassle. My objective is to have fun, if this group isn't out for enjoying the game and relaxing ignore this post...
  7. Howdy, I'm on the east coast (Virginia) and am a Noobie too.. I have a teamspeak server and will be glad to share. I'm in the Pirate faction but I figure we can declare a truce long enough to learn how this monster works....
  8. Hey Neighbor, I live in Virginia Beach too. I am on Steam and you can check Bowzer74 if you think I'm some kind of Kook. Would like to get together and see if we can't become the baddest sea dog Pirates that ever roamed the sea.
  9. Really appreciate all the information. The game looks fantastic and I am looking forwarding to trying the multi-player feature. So far I haven't fared very well in single player, still getting use to the controls and how intelligent the AI maneuvers. Seem to be a bunch of nice folks in the community which is always a plus. Again, Thanks for sharing.....
  10. I don't recall exactly but there are about four options when you change your Avatar. One of them says something about uploaded file. Click that one, pretty sure that will fix the problem...
  11. Ditto, get on Steam and save yourself tons of problems with updates....
  12. Hello all, I'm a new guy and am having a problem navigating UGG site. I understand that there are Groups of folks and I would like to get involved in the community. If someone would point me in the proper direction it would be most appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the response. I sent you a message, I was beginning to think that folks here weren't very welcoming. I received a response from "Michael" and I'm not sure that I responded correctly. If you know who this person is please let him know that I didn't ignore his post.
  14. Hello, I'm a new guy and haven't even thought about a multi-player game. I have read most of the material and have done some single player matches and am looking forward to getting in to an online game. If you guys have any suggestions/advice/guidance it will be most welcome....
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