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  1. I’d still like to see a NA2 with no combat instances. You see a ship on the OW you attack it or can be attacked by it on the OW.
  2. Revert to the old nations. Introducing 3 new nations into RVR was a mistake. No hostility missions from free towns. Make 1 hardcore nation (true pirates) with no ports, can only raid ports, via old flag system, for resources, but the port doesn’t change hands. And give this hardcore nation outlaw battles.
  3. Personally I believe to truly test the frontline system, we should have had a ship/material/outpost wipe with it.
  4. The issue with frontlines and impossible nations, imho, is that the map reset didn’t go with a wipe. I think things will be different at release.
  5. Maybe only Shroud should allow hostility missions for impossible nations only. Or have an option, once you chose impossible nations to be able to later select, only once, which free town you want to base out of and then you can only pick hostility missions from there until you cap a port.
  6. Players completely new to the game will probably stick around where they start. I agree with Z4ys, maybe if you choose impossible nation, you need to confirm it before starting your character.
  7. I’d give it a thumbs up if, once you capture a port there, you cannot do hostile missions against neighboring non-shallow ports. Otherwise you might have French, for example, going after ports on the pirate (ugh, thinking of pirates as a nation is nauseating) or US frontlines.
  8. Sorry, I don’t really know RVR, haven’t done a pb since flags. If the BR is 25K, isn’t it ok to have less than that as long as you have the correct class ships?
  9. I’m guessing to encourage RVR. If everyone can build amazing ships, what would the purpose of RVR be? Personally, I am for everyone being able to build amazing ships.
  10. I still would like to see the moon at night.
  11. Personally, I’d like to see the regular rattlesnake not requiring a permit.
  12. That’s not quite true, captured an AI privateer in my basic cutter on the PVP server a few weeks ago, after restarting. I’m not sure when it stops but I think you can capture AI up to 5th rates.
  13. Yeah, I’m curious. If you do play solo is resource collection going to be the same as it is now?
  14. My opinion of dlcs is that redeem once a day is fine for more casual players that want to spend the money. But also make these ships craftable so all players can get them. Fix rare woods, that’s for another topic. And I believe the le renquin, whatever, is op in shallows.
  15. Talking about arena games. Personally I liked the destroy the tower port battle setup over capture the circles. Capture the circles seems too moba-arena-ish to me. Sorry for being off topic. please make DLC ships craftable.
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