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  1. PVE server crashed i think. kicked out and cant log in anymore.
  2. Great work. Thank you guys. Didn´t have this bug since 3 battles now.
  3. Reported Ingame through F11 - but i didnt recive a issue number or something?!?
  4. So wanted to do a Order and entered battle like every day. Now i stuck at this: Anything wrong with the Server? Playing on PVE1 Even shutting down the game i still come into that screen. Leave battle shift+esc does nothing. Help =) *edit* After some minutes battle was aborted and i got back to the port and lost a duration point.. meh.
  5. Having the same issue on every start of the game. I need to start it 2 or 3 times then it runs like a charm. No error Message or something though, just client stopped working.
  6. Danke! Hatte mich auch schon die ganze Zeit gefragt wo da der Unterschied ist.
  7. So just an idea, maybe the community can help to translate the game into their native language? I´ve seen other games that have done this. I would love to help with translating into german language. Sorry if that already was asked, couldn´t find anything searching the boards. Regards
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