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  1. +1 for subforums half the time i cant tell what server people are talking about because people for the most part aren't doing that.
  2. Things are really starting to heat up. SoL along with a few other allied US fleets took all of the eastern Florida coast this weekend. This is def.the place to be if you like crafting and PVP.
  3. If you are on PvP2 and US Nation you should check SoL out. You won't regret it.
  4. Excalibur has decided to merge with Sons of Liberty. We feel that with a similar mindset that having a more active playerbase can only help. We look forward to what is to come. <evil grin>
  5. +1 need me some bugger groups. I'd rather see them called assault fleets or task forces but that's just flavor text.
  6. -1. Fleet size is large enough. I always see this oh they'll just make multiple Clans but it rarely happens, never a good reason to increase the zerg.
  7. Dejecting and Sincere thanks for the applications. I have posted.
  8. Even better design the game so the mechanics take care of all those issues. Chat filter! Instance toggles! Bam two mechanics from the 80s and we don't have these forum based rules nobody ingame sees or follows and you aren't supporting griefers!
  9. I wouldn't mind something like this instead of their proposed delete character and remake it option.
  10. I've voted in that thread. Neither solution fix anything that I've brought forward in this thread. It fixes the enemy hiding in missions sure but what I raise is a different issue caused by the same terrible mechanic set.
  11. Issue Number One. The current ruleset is a paradise for griefers. People can enter your missions, Port battles, and other instanced events and sink the ships your trying to capture, ram you, take ur sails down a bit to help enemy,block you, ect without the fear of turning pirate. Thankfully you are fixing the boarding issue but more times than not someone just sinks the ship. For example Excalibur and Sons of Liberty were capturing a 3rd Rate last night and two US Nations ships come in with us. We have 10+ between our Clans and we iniated the combat. We told them repeatedly to stop using bal
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