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  1. Thanks for the replies. The crafting rank was my biggest concern. I thought I'd lost 23 levels! That would have hurt to regrind
  2. Hi I've been away for over 2 years and as I expected there was a wipe at release. I recall that we were going to keep our captain rank and crafting rank but while I seem to still have my Admiral rank my crafting is rank just 7. It used to be maxed (I used to make a ton of top end ships for the pve server, I think I may have even been the first to max crafting). Was there a rebalance of the XP rate, has there been a bug with my account or am I misremembering? Also wanted to check if there was any further compensation/redeemables given as I seem to have my Yacht and a Pandora (That was a nice surprise) but no cash or anything further. No biggie if not, I'll find my feet soon enough regardless but I wanted to ask in case I was missing something. .o7
  3. PvE certainly needs some sort of 'end game' features. PvE port raids where you don't get to keep the port would be ok. Basically some sort of group endeavor that doesn't negatively impact other players but gives folks something new to do together.
  4. Not just money, it would be nice to be able to set up contracts for others to pick up from port later. Managing supply chains currently is a pain.
  5. Agree 1544 is nowhere near enough. I even put up a suggestion a few days ago regarding this but specifically on the PvE server where NPC's are our content. Some spots on the world have enough for example around Spanish town but other areas are totally devoid. Please increase the number of NPC fleets by a large number and by a lot on the PvE server. If you want to get people to stop doing missions all the time the open seas should be full of varied targets
  6. Yeah with the current economy being so clan focused not being able to use the warehouse effectively is a real problem. There are just too many types of item in the game now for this limited warehouse. There have been a few threads about it but I've not seen any response.
  7. I know that on the PvP server many folks don't want too many NPC's about as it gets in the way of PvP but could we please get a greatly increased number of NPCs on the PvE server. Open seas hunting is fun but there really isn't the density of fleets needed to support this type of play. It often takes ages to find a fleet suitable for your current ship or group. Would it be possible to just simply make the server spawn like 5x the number of npc fleets to get the target density up a bit? Many parts of the map are totally devoid of npc's to kill or trade ships to plunder
  8. Many people have found it hard to hit the cutter when starting out what with the low profile and big waves. I'm assuming that the reason they put in the rookie snow and brig was to give new players larger targets to hit. They do need a tune down though as they're pretty tough for newbies to beat, maybe a few less guns would be enough of a tweak.
  9. I'd be happy if the ships just didn't sink so fast or at all. Make them usually strike their colours rather than disappear beneath the waves, sometimes sink, sometimes explode but usually just strike colours and give us time to loot them.
  10. Please update the Steam description in the meantime so people know about the PvE server
  11. I was talking to some friends about the game with the intention of getting them to play with me. They'd heard of the game and were interested in sailing but werent keen on PvP so had given it a miss. They didn't realise that it wasn't a PvP only game until I told them. I was just looking over the games description in the steam store and it dawned on me that no where does it mention that there is a PvE server. The description mentions the games hardcore elements, combat, open world gameplay and the player reviews below talk a lot about ganking and pvp. I think this could be discouraging some potential buyers from even trying the game. I know the main focus is on the PvP experience and the two servers that support that ruleset but I think it should be made clear in the first paragraph of the games description that there is a PvE experience available for those people that want a less confrontational naval game set in the age of sail. The lower numbers on the PvE server may not be because its not popular but because potential buyers don't know about it. The PvE server is only mentioned quite far down the page on the http://www.navalaction.com homepage. I think it should also be mentioned on Steam.
  12. I dont mind that it was removed even though I was kind of enjoying it most folks werent. I was expecting it to be tweaked rather than removed Thanks for the ship looting tweak, that was pretty frustrating before. Looking forwards to seeing how much it helps.
  13. Yeah after cross referencing the in game tool and your wares table on the trade page I worked out how it was displayed. I didn't realise that the wares table was the available column for some ports and the consumes column for capitols. Nice work this is going to help loads
  14. Nice work Black Spawn! Going to check this out and suggest it to the gang. On the trade tool, any chance you can make it list trade good available when selecting a port. Like the info in the A column in the in-game trader tool?
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