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  1. Those of you with established clans will need to think about your teamspeak server. (if you are sharing a resource) No good sharing one teamspeak channel for people geographically playing on two separate servers.
  2. Hi, Interesting topic. I am from the UK and have been playing as Britain in the Beta access. It's obvious to me that some nations will become over populated. I have sailed and fought in OW with some massive British fleets. Problem is, there's nothing satisfying about combat when the odds are so heavily in my favour because I simply have superior numbers on my side. After the wipe, I have chosen to 'defect' to the Danish nation. With a more interesting position on the map and less players it should be more challenging and therefore more rewarding. I think other more mature people will real
  3. I'm not sure the size monitor matters, but the aspect can make a massive difference. I've played NA on my 17" laptop, my 105" projected screen, 47" UHD LCD, but nothing compares to the 21:9 aspect 32" LG monitor I have. Why? To get such a wide panorama of the action is incredible. From a practical point of view, it helps see oncoming traffic and potential collisions without needing to stare at the radar. Battles look awesome. LG have just crashed the price of their initial 25 inch version on Ebuyer.... Must be worth a look
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