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  1. Po długiej przerwie odpalam NA, a tu 150 graczy. Nie napawa to optymizmem
  2. Well I'll be damned... Turned off MSI Afterburner -> Instant fix, the game is working.
  3. Yeah, everything updated and I'm using MSI Afterburner. Maybe I'm missing some redistributables specifically for Unity 5.0? I had zero problems on previous engine.
  4. Wszystko to już robiłem, to wygląda jak jakiś problem w komunikacji Steama z grą. Grę moge odpalić normalnie poza steam, ale w tym momencie w którym normalnie występuję logowanie w grze poprzez konto steam wylatuje crash.
  5. Napisałem w supporcie. i5 4690k GTX 970 sterownik v388.00 16 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit
  6. Witam Po długiej przerwie postanowiłem wrócić do Navala, ale nie mogę go kompletnie odpalić. Poza steamem gra uruchamia się ale przez steam mam instant crash. Wrzucam crash loga. Ktoś miał taki problem? error.log output_log.txt
  7. Hello Long time no see... I wanted to visit Naval Action after some time off but the game won't even start. Error log attached. What the error log says: "Write to location 80004484 caused an access violation." Wonder if it's on the Steam side or Unity engine? EDIT: Still crashing on startup. error.log
  8. Z tymi masztami to potwierdzam, testowałem na botach i spadają dosyć łatwo. Z tym magazynem tez jest cos dziwnie, wygląda to tak jakby zwiekszął możliwość zapłonu o dobre 20%.
  9. Kolejna obsuwa, no tak myślałem że ruszy ten Naval akurat jak mi sesja wystartuje. Cóż, peszek
  10. Well, my solution has got one more plus. Solo trading. With the new update, when cargo is affecting ship speed traders needs escort. That means you need friends or a clan. There are also those who prefer to be a Lone Wolf. To be honest AI fleets are only useful for distraction. If you wish to fight with other player, they will often get in your line of fire, hit you or generally speaking they will lower your efficiency. I'm not the Lone Wolf player myself, so it's not much of an issue for me. At least the First fleet perk should be unlocked by default (removed). It makes no sense that you need a perk to capture one ship.
  11. In my opinion every single Fleet Perk should be tied to player rank. The higher the rank, the higher number of ships in your fleet you can command. Seems much more realistic. With the rank of Admiral, let's say you could command up to 6 ships (just an example number) 1 of your own and five in your fleet. Keep in mind that you'll still be limited by the amount of crew you can have. Now it's 1100 souls, if I remember correctly.
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