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  1. miss you! <3

    1. manuva85


      Sry babe. I've been burning mine tan in thailand for last few weeks;p

  2. So since there will be NPC-Privateers any indication on maybe adding such a faction for players or making it a timed mechanic for pirates given a contract that lasts for x days (real time). As for the two factions for pirates I had always wished for the red flags so I am all for the two factions! ^^ Keep up the good work! From Salzi - Ex-Koto second in command.
  3. Could it also be that you rolled Grey Speed bonus? Because that itself is possable and is a negitive to the speed. Edit - I made a green pickel and got Grey speed "bonus" so... ^^'
  4. This happened to two of my ships after the previous patch. Bugs happen ^^'
  5. Essentually in this period there was low silver and gold, the gold rushes in the west was not untill the mid 1800s. Personally I would like to the the differant dollar systems in place as well as the trade token systems they where using because of the lack of metals. England at this time was using coins of gold and silver but their last silver minted coins where of 1820, as well as the notes system with £10 £15 notes being first introduced during 1759 however other currencey in the englishports that where usable where Pieces of Eight(Spanish dollar), Ducats and Dollar notes. Was a mix of coins
  6. You dont understand I signed a contract, I have also spoken to the respected clans of the Pirates telling them I shall not abuse my position when it comes to conquest, I also told them I shall only attack pirates in defencive terms as such of you being in swedish waters at island Harbour attempting to Gank swedish players. Port battles and open world are not to be compared, I have been playing NA far longer then you (or maybe you are the alt?) it seems and is not my fault if you dont get information like everyone else. End of the day I am paid, I am a privateer and so are you. Mechanics
  7. What is Love?

  8. Considering at Island harbour there was OCEAN - meanwhile another member of your came as well as GAF and some other pirates you still out numbered us by far, I know you can not stand fighting without 5v1 odds but our 2 to your 3 odds in numbers and less than 1500 br than you.... that was far more unfair than our own, let alone the fact I cant join those battles on the side of the sweds. You out gun and numbered us why are you complaining? I even said sorry to you and your members with you inside the battle which I keep true. Once in the battle you let your Ego take control and threw insu
  9. As the defendant - I used no tricks or dishonourable tactics in the engagment of the 5 ships that was trying to engage Z4ys of OCEAN and Sweden. I was at port when I was requested assistance of pursuers of the Clan that I am under employ and paid to defend Island Harbour and the Swedish nationals under contract of privateering payment of 800,000 gold per term. The wind was South West to North East making it hard to come to port, I was stopped and tagged them at max range, they continued to persue and thus I was forced to engage in combat with those that followed, five ships in all Two Sup
  10. Ruining the game for players who are solo and only hang out with multinational community members, everyone that played back pre/post wipe no longer play im the only one left in my nation and now you ruin this community event? nice one.
  11. With the current undocking timer unless you get caught right next to the port guys still in the port are hardly going to join the battle, camping of the ports was always a thing even when the timers where 4 hours long so how is this a mechanic that is being abused? Blockades happen, I see a group at a port and i have two choices - Risk it or Go else where. Note that a simple solution to this is to get people of your nation to go to that free town to assist with trasport of goods, to enforce them to move away or to set up a counter gank using bait... If you are a solo player like me I just
  12. You know, if you surrender you save your crew and officer. If they made it that if you got sunk/captured and got some crew back it would make surrender usless again.
  13. Long live the king! \o/ (Who is he again?)
  14. Meanwhile FTS do it for the brits to stop everyone else and we dont go crying to the admins ;3
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