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  1. Marines give you an automatic amount of boarding preparation dependent on how many you have on your ship. I'm under the presumption this is what the 'auto' meant.
  2. Gros Ventre is actually a better close hauled sailor than a surprise... who would've thought!
  3. I agree to return the 1.5x br rule until such time as positional reinforcements are removed. Surrounding a ship that is faster on the OW is absurd and unimmersive.
  4. Just got the chance to play again, (was away for last 3 days) can confirm that no changes were made to the Trincomalee's sailing profile. Mine still does 12.84 kn with long cannons. Concerning the Reno, I wouldn't know since I don't sail it.
  5. Evidence? These are the 9.65 patch notes. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11791-patch-965-crew-and-resource-production/ No mention of speed nerfs other than reducing frigate close haul performance.
  6. Speeds were not reduced in 9.65. I believe you are thinking of the update to the harbour statistics page, which allowed mounted weapons to be taken into account reflecting the ship's true speed. Prior to this, listed speeds were not affected by mounted cannons, thus displaying unrealistically high speeds.
  7. This was the way that things were before 9.7, although perhaps you mean that instead of spawning next to the initial tagger, they spawn from the same persuit vector?
  8. So I heard on Jodgi's speed trials forum (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7212-ship-speeds-testing-and-discussion/page-13) thread that the trincomalee's speed was nerfed (again) and I haven't seen any patch notes to confirm this. There also aren't any patch notes for having removed the 1.5x BR mechanic. Can I get confirmation of exactly what's happened with this ninja patch and what else has been snuck in to the game by the devs? Concerning the Trincomalee speed nerf, have other ship speeds also been nerfed to bring them in line? Because from what I'm reading of Jodgi's testing, a fir-speed Trin is now just as fast as a fir-speed constitution, and my fir-speed surprise would actually be able to keep up with a Trinc traveling downwind. This effectively removes the trincomalee's role as a hunter/chaser, because the constitution would be as fast, with more sail/mast health, more crew, more broadside health, and more firepower.
  9. I don't think many people are understanding your suggestion. Perhaps I can clarify. Upon tagging: Anyone inside the MAIN tagging circle (i.e. the circle we have currently, for example) is forced into the battle on their respective side and in their relative position. Anyone within the larger auxiliary tagging circle (let's call it a reinforcement circle) has the option of joining, also in their relative position (not forced) within a set timer – if they do not click join the window is dismissed. and once the battle has started, no one else can enter. BTW, hai jeef, it's Loquacious
  10. Was the trincomalee's speed nerfed in 9.73?
  11. I am in agreement. This mechanic is absurd and unimmersive for everyone involved in fighting. I understand the intent would be to simulate a situation where for example: Ship A is attacked by Ship B Ship A's ally, ship C happens to see a battle occurring, and enters from the vector they held relative to the battle's weather gauge and so simulates the event more realistically. However, as long as we allow players to dictate where they spawn in the instance by choosing where on the edge of the battle to enter, we create the opportunity to exploit this mechanic unfairly and unrealistically. Create a mechanic (like some have suggested in prior threads) where the position of local ships relative to the battle swords are remembered and tracked, so that regardless of where they enter the battle from, they spawn into their original relative position to the battle center (in common gank situations, BEHIND the victim) instead of surrounding the victim.
  12. My gold boarding Trinc hits 373 crew with purple hammocks and gold crew space, and the extra crew is nice to have, but unless you're planning on putting marines on your ship, (in which case you need every spare hand you can get) i would stick with rigging quality or build str
  13. Can someone explain to me how these mechanics work? To my understanding it simply means that no one can join a battle after the initial tag that would imbalance the BR by a factor of more than 1.5x. And yet, a few minutes ago I was tagged by a belle poule in my surprise, and after the battle started (30 seconds in), a frigate joined the belle's side. If my understanding of the mechanics applied, this should have been impossible, because: Surprise - 140 BR Belle Poule - 180 BR Frigate - 170 BR 140 BR x 1.5 = 210 180+170=350 350>210 Therefore the frigate should be incapable of reinforcing the belle. But he was capable of reinforcing the belle. Why? http://imgur.com/yL2wkC4
  14. I'd like to see randomized AI skill levels, perhaps increasing probability of high skill with higher rank / larger ships. Adding on to the admin's suggestion of having different roles for certain AI - perhaps I attack an AI surprise in a frigate and the AI decides to sail upwind to keep me at arms length while pounding my sails. Perhaps an AI will try to decrew me and board, perhaps an AI will try to disengage and I can persue them (currently they go full kamikaze regardless of odds or how much damage they take). At the moment AI have extraordinarily fast reloads for some reason, (despite most AI running boarding mods that reduce crew available to gunnery and lengthen reloads) and the ability to aim and hit at extreme range with great reliability even though most AI are using medium cannons and not longs. I'd also like to see leaks below the waterline actually affect AI ships the way they sink player ships. I can sink a player trincomalee very quickly by hitting him with a good few broadsides below the water line while he's heeling, but with AI they just don't care, and seem to cheat the mechanic. I put 42 leaks into the side of an AI trincomalee (counted using tab screen) over the course of 3 broadsides and he continued sailing merrily, it wasn't until his structure was completely depleted that he started to take on water.
  15. As one who had an ingermanland crafted for them a couple days ago, will 1 durability be added onto my ship when it becomes a 4th rate? This is presuming it follows the standard rate of durability reduction from 5th rate = 5 dura ; 4th rate = 4 dura ; 3rd rate = 3, etcetera.
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