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  1. That make no sense since the game is not even finished, but else, i got the point...
  2. Because you don't see NA like an MMO, would you think it normal to pay for extra update in another MMO ? no, so why is this normal for NA to charge extra fee to deliver updates (especially that the game is not even finished) ? Plus it is not a F2P or subscription one, but pay once to play forever game, so this is an extra charge that NA devs promised to never make (only cosmetics, ah really ?) MMO need to be updated to keep being attractives after years and that there are no "over delivery" for this kind, otherwise the game will simply die due to lack of interest if there are nothing new.
  3. This can't happen in NA at this point, you are describing a new game concept wich will basically be a FPS, take a look at BlackWake and game of this kind, because reinventing NA is not a good idea...
  4. The rope that hold the sails are not in the good position and don't react correctly, and that's why those rope and sails can "pass / cut" through the cordage that lead to the top mast.and other stuff like that... It's just like in potbs, and old naval RPG, the rope are alway like this and that sucks.
  5. You play a game in wich you watch peoples playing the game, try to imagine watching this on youtube. Welcome to the navalception.
  6. When you download something, you can execute or save the files, i alway choose execute. Then i installed and run GPU-Z, but now i can't find it on the computer, but it was properly running once.
  7. I downloaded GPU-Z yesterday, and tried it while playing another game, it was running in between 62 and 75 approximately, with a spike at 78,5 degree for CPU heat. Today i would like to try it with naval action, but i can't find GPU-Z on my computer, either by searching option, or by going manually into all the C: folder, and even in the control panel in the list of installed program. It doesn't sound normal to me if the program just disapear from my computer by magic, plus by searching on the GPU-Z forum to get some answer for this problem, i have read that this could make the computer free
  8. No matter at wich rank, do you think it is only frustrating for new players to sails for 2 hours ? To finaly end up ganked by outnumbering AI and players ? This idea simply sucks, i just hope this will never make it to the game, otherwise i doubt i will keep playing it.
  9. Mission change, woah, so bad idea... Already boring as hell to do mission concidering the long travel and the AI is alway outnumbering in BR and in numbers, and now, you want to bring some opportunity for gankers to join the battle ? As a Flag cpt. im playing Flag cpt. fleet order, using a 3rd rate here is the balance: -Allies: 2x 3rd Rate (including mine), 2x Constitution, 2x Ingermanlan -Ennemeies: 1x Bellona 2x 3rd Rate, 2x Constitution, 2x Ingermanland It is even worse if i play post captain fleet order or so, with Frig or Consti, 3 or 4 AI ships outnumber our side. That is also e
  10. Thank you, it also crashed yesterday during a battle (so far i never crashed outside a battle), but no loss (the loss only happens if you fail to reconnect before end of the battle, from what i figured out), just to let you know that the game doesn't seem to be stable since the last update, the game have sended repport each time so i hope you will find the issue(s). I will wait for your next reply.
  11. For the leak issue, it was possible to avoid it, and everybody was in the same boat. Here i was unable to escape the sentence, the game crashed and took away my ship dura and my crew. Plus 500 gold for one crewman is just a sick joke, where is my press gang ?
  12. I love your skillful video Z4ys, but i must admit that i don't like your proposal, this is awesome to make huge battle in this game, and there should never be a limitation on number of participating players or AI. I totally disagree, better to get ganked from time to time, than destroying the game for ever.
  13. Hello, my game crashed twice in less than 5 minutes this morning. First time, it was fine, i was against a trader and able to reconect with no harm done. Second time, just after this battle, i got pulled into a battle against a single lynx, by a player cutter, there was like 8 allies AI in battle, (3rd rate frigates), just to let you know that it was unwanted and unescesary. I tried to reconnect as fast as possible, but the game slowly sended the 2 report before i can relog (even if the 1st crash report was already sent few seconds ago, he sended it again...). So i was unable to reconnect
  14. You just forget the most important line: "Should pirates be able to get reward (xp/gold/loot) when attacking other pirates ? *NO *NO " -Pirates should not be a nation, but a flag. -Pirates should not be able to sail SoL while displaying pirate flag. -Pirates should not own any port. -Pirates should get tagged on sight by any non-trader NPC / NPC-fleet and sane players. -Pirates are [censored] ...
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