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  1. thx for your answer ; D i did what you said and it worked but i still have one question. why does the yacht have a tier 10 cannon if you can only mount a 8/9 tier cannon. isn't that a bit strange? maybe a fix that new commers like me do not end up without guns for a while on that ship
  2. Hey guys i need help with something, i am new to the game so i do not know allot. but i was looking in the harbor how things work. So i did sellect my cannons and threw them in my warehouse. now the problem. When i try to get them back in they pop in ( like they used to do) but in a split second after throwing them in they pop out again back to the warehouse. I do not have a ship now. i do not know what to do : ( can someone help me plz? i do not own any other ships
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