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  1. I have issues when I am being whispered most the time I wont notice because I have to click an arrow to move through chat tabs.
  2. Niagra, Pickle, Rennomee why am I able to redeem them for free? I've searched as much as I can, I have not found any information. Edit - http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8482-repeat-important-message-about-headstart-ships/#entry159871 Please spread the news as people are asking this question over and over again. To receive the extra ships that are given to testers for all the alpha suffering and bugs (in addition to the yacht) you have to create a character before the release date. Ships will be delivered on the 21st. I think this is where it is from, just a bad date I guess.
  3. Vast

    Minor patch v9.62

    3 free redeemable ships, where did these come from?
  4. Vast

    Siegfried's Map

    Very beautiful edit of the original map, thanks for sharing.
  5. I currently do not see it worth merching items below a threshold price, a stone block can be bought for 2 and flipped for 500% and yet it's still not even worth thinking about when items like compass wood is bought around 600 and flipped for 200%. An issue is weight limiting potential of merching cheaper items in bulk which I believe ruins the depth of the economy. example prices (I don't even think you'd get that lucky on stone blocks) Stone block buy 2 Stone block sell 10 Stone block profit 8 Stone block margin 500% Stone block weight 1 Stone block profit per weight = 8 Traders snow full profit = 6,400 Compass wood buy 600 Compass wood sell 1200 Compass wood profit 600 Compass wood weight 2.5 Compass wood profit per weight = 240 Trader snow full profit = 192,000 If there is no comparable profit between these two items, who is going to bother moving them between ports? if the answer is npcs there is an issue I believe. Items need to be more competitive rather than having single items standing out in terms of moving cargo for profit between ports. I understand an argument to this is having different tiers of items but it's very easy to reach endgame resource merching which I believe is compass wood, also there are so many items in the 1-40 price range which eliminates a lot of items.
  6. I am interested in keeping up with the patch notes where could I find these regularly, also do they post information on server maintenance if so where is that located?
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