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  1. Full wipe, good no problem with it, level playing field on release, it's just a game. The real downside it opens the possibility of DLC's to reduce/eliminate the new grind paid for with real money. DLC's for accelerated XP, unlock ship slots, provide in game gold/reals and rare books etc. For over a year I've stated there is a risk the NA could enter same downward spiral as Heroes & Generals. Either you pay up with real money or face an endless grind that takes thousands of hours. Hopefully the devs don't take that path but at the end of the day it's a business venture.
  2. My three year old daughter could hit a dinner plate at 20 yards with her teddy bear.
  3. "Do you have an experince with 17th century rifles" No there is no such thing as a 17th century rifle. You might want to take a break from cartoon ships long enough to do a little reading. Read the thread, the question asked was 'Have you ever tried to hit a target with a modern rifle at 300m?" Which I replied M16 because even cartoon ship captains probably know what M16 is. "Have you tried using single shot from M16 on a ship firing a target on another ship" No but I have fired at a deer while flying a helicopter at the same time, the later being much more difficult.
  4. Only minie at a range, fired round ball but just for experience/laugh. I've been along to a few black powder club events in NZ they were generally always using patched round ball at 100 yards or minie rounds at 200 yards. Open breech shooter matches use to start at 300 yards out to about 500 or 600 yards.
  5. With an M16 open sights 300m or 300 yards is nothing. You have to qualify out to that range with open sights, everyone.
  6. Yes I mean meters . "Have you ever tried to hit a target with a modern rifle at 300m?" Shooting since I was 7 years old, 8 years military service, maybe 20 years combined different associations and clubs in Australia,NZ and Phil. Since 2010 I've been a member of a tactical shooting club in Phil. In that time I've owned handguns or rifles in everything from .22 to .375 50m 35m thats bow and arrow range.
  7. Muskets for this time period were good for 300m for a man size target, in volley 400m.
  8. Just remove PVP mark rewards from safe zones, then those who hunt there just to see their name in lights on the cartoon leader board will leave.
  9. True, there are hardly any new/casual players left (wonder why). Just a few and their alts.
  10. It is bad if they are camping what should be safe zones or capital ports in super ships or ships that are just plain ridiculous like the Requin.
  11. I'm surprised that even Licinio is even here trying to defend this change and the Trollquin on this one. That's how bad and arcadish it is. Skull & Bones is will start to look more realistic soon.
  12. You're the kind of tosser that spawn camps in a game while yelling Git Gud.
  13. So that's your excuse to seal club new and casual players. From a player base which is significantly smaller than a year ago. You really are clueless.
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