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    The Age of sail is my favorite era just because of the cool looking ships and drawn out battles. I also love the American Revolution and the American Civil War.
  1. I just logged in after two years and there's one thing that killed the game for everyone: when posting any form of criticism, the criticizers were hit with insults. Apparently, it seems the game has gone P2W with the DLC (I quit before the game even had the new ui, dlc, and stuff like that so it's all new to me). I just wish they had more PVE content/missions. Similar to Pirates of the Burning Sea (still best pirate ship mmo in my opinion). The devs just needed to add more content instead of catering to the PVP players who played the game like it was a seco
  2. Got Kapitein. Commandeur-Kapitein next.

  3. Well if it happens again ill make sure to take note of the error code.
  4. Hello all it's Kapitein Merilow here and today while I was playing, this occurred to me multiple times: Upon exiting the game, my computer crashes and it only happens on Windows 8.1 in Windowed mode at 1920x1080p on ultra settings. I do not know why this is happening and I wish to tell the devs this as once open early access is here, many problems may occur!
  5. Bah! You yellowed teethed rascals! Oranje is the best color!
  6. Hopefully we get it! I love naval games like this and I have been waiting for a great one like this after Pirates of the Burning Sea got transferred from SOE to some other company.
  7. Xavanux

    Steam Keys

    Will I be getting one if I purchased access yesterday?
  8. If a moderator can reply to me either by primate message or email, I would like to know if there are keys left. The last time I had money to buy the game, I could not as I was ONE DAY off from buying it before they closed the sales. Problem solved, bought the game and am awaiting an email for confirmation of my key Friday.
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