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    Antique sword collector. European Historical martial arts student. Lab tech for large hospital in Dallas. Married with mortgage. ;)

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  1. Gordon MacBeth

    Testbed entry

    Thank you gentlemen. I was searching Test Bed not Test server.
  2. Gordon MacBeth

    Testbed entry

    I have looked in search but cannot find out How to get into the test bed server and test things out for myself. Ive been in the process of moving into a new home and have missed a lot seemingly. How does one get into the test bed?
  3. Gordon MacBeth

    Period sailor costumes

  4. Gordon MacBeth

    US PvE server issue

    At least you got Something! I havent heard a thing yet! I sent in a crash report and what happened as soon as I managed to get back on but so far nothing.
  5. Gordon MacBeth

    server crash 16-06-2016 and 17-06-2016

    Anyone seen any compensation yet? I lost a dura on a new Bellona in a mission due to this.
  6. Gordon MacBeth

    If you could rename your ship, what would you name it?

    my Bellona..... HMS Reiver
  7. Gordon MacBeth

    server crash 16-06-2016 and 17-06-2016

    I lost a dura on a bellona due to the crash. I reported it. I wouldnt mind having that dura back.
  8. Gordon MacBeth

    Patch 9.7 - Land sighted

    "Leaks - Completely out of hand. needs a hotfix asap. To quote Admiral Jellico at Jutland...... "There seems to be something wrong with our ships today"
  9. Gordon MacBeth

    Boarding & Capturing Ships Tutorial/Guide

    How do you get slots in outposts?
  10. Gordon MacBeth

    Any naval sword collectors out there?

    I've been a sword collector for years and one of my favorite periods is the Georgian period swords both naval and infantry officer and trooper alike. Anyone else have the sharp and pointy fever as well?
  11. Gordon MacBeth

    Let's name the taverns in the open world

    The Lesser Weevel!
  12. Gordon MacBeth

    Ship models anyone?

    Bought this one and added a couple of antique period swords and a decent flint pistol to go with it all. The Dear Surprise needs a dusting but it's one of my favorite things.
  13. While in a PvE admiralty mission the game first froze so my ship couldnt repesond to my keyboard then booted me off line. I logged right back in but by the time I was able to, the AI pirate had hulled me and I was nearly sunk. Previously if I lost a fight on an Admiralty mission I got my ship back, but this time I lost a nicely upgraded brig completely and all upgrades to it. I wasnt the only one either as another player chimed in on the help channel that he had the same thing happen at the same time as myself. 20 mins later we get a notice that servers will be down for upgrade and to log out. Is there anyway to get my brig back, or is it just gobbled up? Not very thrilled about this happening!
  14. Gordon MacBeth

    Little things you'd like to see

    I don't know if anyone has thought of this but I would like to be able to move my HUDs to locations other than bottom left and right. With a big screen like mine the option to stack them one atop the other would be useful as I wouldn't have to drag my attention away in the heat of battle to see I'm taking on water.
  15. Gordon MacBeth

    How to add guns you have bought

    Thanks guys! That helps a lot!