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  1. Ok, I am back in the "saddle". Could anyone please comment on the following novice questions: - Once I sail out into the open world, how can I identify an AI trader to shoot at? I do not want to attack other people. My current flag is GB. - Is the player's ship visible in the map? - Do people speed up pre-battle sailing using a game setting? - In my yacht, should I be trying to approach an AI trader from upwind or downwind? Upwind, I presume because it will run? Once again, thanks!
  2. This is really helpful, Prater and much appreciated. I shall now dive back into the game with renewed vigour thanks to you and the others who have been kind enough to respond. I particularly value your advice, which echoes others', about learning the combat mechanics before becoming expert in seamanship. Eventually I would like to learn manual command, simply because it seems to me that if this impressive game does one thing really, really well it's simulating the effect of wind on sail. It's like in a racing sim; if I'm driving an older car, I will not use sequential gears, even if the sim makes them available. I would like to work my way up to the Square Rig ships so that I can experience the full scope of the simulationr, yet it is very useful to know that such mastery is not required on the way to that point.
  3. This is such useful advice, gentlemen, many thanks. I am going to look for way to contact SLRN, TF, or TDA, over TS or otherwise, in the hope that I can talk to a member or two who might help me get up to speed.
  4. Well, this morning I was reeling a little. I printed out and read Mr. Doran's superb treatise but, despite having a theoretical understanding of energy management from many years of r/l and simulator flying in fast jets, much of it went over my head. I don't feel it's appropriate for the beginner. I had the same experience with a really promising, very high-fidelity orbital simulator; the initial emphasis on highly technical -- in this case pretty densely mathematical -- mastery was such that I slunk away, discouraged. I am not going to do that here and wish to repeat that I found the treatise to be quite superb, just above my pay-grade. I am going to try and do the following things to acquaint myself with Naval Action, in the hope that I can get up to speed fairly soon. If any of you would care to comment or suggest further courses of action, I'd be grateful: - I am going to sign up for for the Royal Navy, because I am a British expat living in Los Angeles. However, would it make more sense to join a navy that might operate in my US time zone (PST) i.e. the US Navy out of Charleston? - I am going to equip my yacht and, before shooting at anything, I want to learn the basics of wind and maneuver without auto-captain (or whatever it's called). In particular, I want to understand how to harmonise rudder and front yardarm deployment in order to turn the ship manually. The yacht has no rear that can be used for this purpose, right? What does it mean when people refer in videos to "neutralising" these sails? - Finally -- and this is a tough one to admit to all you old sea-dogs -- I have no more than the most theoretical understanding of tacking. Again, being a pilot gives me some understanding of the physics (you crab, or tack, an aircraft into the wind to maintain a desired course on final approach) but I do not understand its primary purpose here. Is it to maintain speed when sailing in a crosswind? Is it to maintain a course? How often must it be repeated? By what can I gauge that I have done it "properly"? Steep learning curve here but far from insurmountable and no math, at appears, so if one of you gents could help me with the basics I would really appreciate it.
  5. Thank you! I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea I could access the game now, and got it into my head that I wouldn't be able to do so until January, so this is an unexpected early Christmas present to myself. Thanks!
  6. Hi gents, first post, thanks for your hospitality. I am a very experienced simulation gamer, so intrigued by this title -- and the videos on YouTube -- that I had to buy into the Alpha right away. I got my code yesterday. I have no experience with historical sea combat but, as I say, I am used to digging very deeply into simulations that I think are worth the effort, as it appears this one is. I would be very grateful if someone could respond to the following list of novice questions: - There is nothing to be done with the access code until the game shows up on Steam in the new year, right? - I've heard people refer to having played the Beta, yet I'm about to be playing the Alpha; how can that be? - I know there is no manual yet. What is the best reference guide for total beginners? - Is there way to practice against AI? Any tutorials? Thanks!
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