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  1. You really are not reading what he is saying, you are just trying to blindly defend the change. He is saying that lots of changes like this, have caused the player base to fall.
  2. And sailors magically coming back to life with Rum
  3. Where do you get your data from? The vast majority of battles that I have been in over the last few weeks have lasted either close to the timer, or past it. I would be very interested to see these stats that you speak of. I am sure everyone would be. The main reason for long battles tends to be when one side is in faster ships and will kite/fight.
  4. I have been in several battles recently that have gone on for more than 5-6 hours across multiple tags.
  5. Have you done one recently? Since they upped the damage and speed of the ships? At 65% sails they still do 12 Knts. So you will have 9 Epic First rate ships on top of you within a few minutes if you try to fight. They also have a tendency to demast you now.
  6. Why do you cater so much to the solo player? Perhaps you should be concentrating on the larger player base and not the few.
  7. Please stop making off the cuff changes with no real discussion and finish the game. Not sure the player base can handle many more of these.
  8. Unless you limit repairs, you just took a major mechanic out of the game.
  9. Fights against the Spanish last night in order - Great fights, lots of fun. Hope for more. Wish the forts had been more useful.
  10. Do not try to force people to play the game the way YOU want them to play. Everyone plays this game for a different reason. The best way to encourage PvP is to better insensitive it. Make people want to come out of the safe zones. The issue is, most veterans will not be around their own Safe zone, they will be out in the world doing things. When a enemy fleet rolls upto another Nations safe zone they will rarely face another Nations veteran players, they will face the new players who are just getting started or the PvErs. Which normally ends in the attacking Veterans steam rolling
  11. The sea is particularly salty today.
  12. Hello, Not often you find me in the Russian area. You did add KotO and other friendly clans to these ports. However, you also asked us not to screen Azua when it was attacked by Prussia saying you would be able to handle it. It later turned out the Prussians attacking it 'TALER' was just your Prussian alt clan. This was just a port flip and quite under handed to be honest. I presume you had the same idea for North Inlet however the Russians won the battle. On top of that, the Pirate ports held by RUBLI are at your time. Baracoa has been left open 24/7. If you are trying to sa
  13. Hey! Nice to see we have a new fan boy. I understand why you must be so angered. I mean, to go from this and thinking you are invincible to losing 9 First rates to the so called 'trash guild'. You may want to start looking at the larger picture rather than the individual battles. KotO has never been about the arena style play. We think of the larger picture. Which you found out to the loss of your Santi and every single first rate you brought out. Widen your perspective. What I found particularly amusing is how you jumped onto your Pirate alt to rant in Nation chat al
  14. We are calling in the Oaths that were pledged. The time for War has come.
  15. The Pirates are beaten and bloody, they are on the run and surrounded by the Nationalistic Fleets supported by their home Nations far afield. Once allies who struck deals have turned now against their comrades. Everyday another Pirate ship falls to the cannons of Privateers and Captains out to make themselves a name. Where once rich ports flourished, they are now reduced to rubble and squalor. The battles of old are almost forgotten. The heroes who pushed back the mighty British and American Armadas have all but vanished from sight. All that is left now are the wrecks that signify
  16. Oh look. Someone else who has recently been the victim of Pirate conquest taking a day on the internet 'researching' 'history' to come up with an 'amazing' plan to be more 'historically accurate'. Or allow me to translate. I am not currently happy that Pirates took our ports and we were unable to stop them in game. Can you please nerf them because we do not want to actually have to work for a victory.
  17. Agreed!I know you are busy but could you provide the numbers assosiated to players by Nation?
  18. It would be nice to see actual numbers. At the moment everyone is speculating and throwing out wild accusations. Also can people please stop trying to play the history card. It is getting tiresome. This is a game and a sandbox one at that. It is not a historical emulator replaying the exact account of what happened true to records. Also the History card can be played on every Nation in game which is not accurate, both in game play and mechanics. It would be very interesting to see how many people are trying to actually develope the Pirate role and how many are on the band wagon trying a not
  19. From the look of this. You engaged the Danes screening Fleet and not its defence fleet. Likely the Danes had 25 SOL ships sitting in the port incase you landed the flag. So the screen fleet did what it was meant to do by preventing you.
  20. The issue with that Code of Conduct is that it is old. It is signed by very few guilds and I am not sure if they are all still even present in game. The thing is, its very easy to just sign something like that and put your name to it. Its much harder to actually comply with it and do something about the issue. Personally, I would not mind hosting a meeting between us all where we can just sit down, discuss, move on.
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