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  1. Thank you very much... reinstaling steam and dedicating a new folder to instal games helped. See you in the seas fellow sailors!
  2. Yes I am using AVG, I tried to turn it of and run the game, but still the same problem:/ I am now trying to do the report crash, but a window of the bug reporter is blank. Is there any way to run the game not with steam?
  3. that is what I already did. Didn´t help:(
  4. Hello, I went trough this forum looking for a solution to solve my problem - when I start the game i get into the screen when it sas: Client data corrupted. Please verify integrity of game files. I did what I found here in the topics about it: Restarting computer, reinstaling the game, varifing the integrity, deleting game files manualy then start varifing the integrity. It´s seem like there is no other way around it. Even googling my problem doesn´t show much. Can you help please? PS: I am new to this game - just got my key for steam around xmas, but I wasn´t a
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