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  1. Lobby system would require a lot of coding and front end work that is beyond what I think reasonable. My suggestions AFAIK, would mean tweaking a few lines of code, such as changing >>TUMBADO Bermuda frigates available [8] change to [999]<< This has to be attractive for the devs time as well, because they are busy with other things, and having them adding this to their list of work has to be considerate of that as well. 1v1 battles fighting an opponent in the same ship is as equal a fight as you can have, your skill or luck is the deciding factor on the outcome. Like a game of pool, or table tennis, or darts. The thing is, you have to factor human will to fight vs fear of loss. My suggestion almost negates that, the player has some skin in the game, he paid the entrance fee for a ship, the rest is up to him. Win/lose he will learn, and he will have fun, and he will earn combat marks, so his efforts will be rewarded. And he weill want to become better. That is the psychology behind successful competitive sports, and games in general.
  2. Thank you for your opinions. I will continue to try to HELP with positive input into the game mechanics, player base growth and improvement of newer player experience in regards to working toward decreasing the experience gap between them and vets, because every vet started as a noob. You clearly have written the future of this game off, and think the devs don't care to try to make new sales from new customers. So I hope you enjoy whatever game you actually play, and wish you well Hachi, I will miss sailing with you, your angry Irish braying over teamspeak, the sharp, biting jokes. Take care, glad you popped in to see the place where you used to be a part of the community.
  3. Fair enough if I come off sounding puffed up about my abilities, I do 1v1 PVP zone, in AI capped 5th rates and maybe Pandora with only medium guns and basic mods sometimes every day. I call out in global my position, I don't even mind if you show up in some mod stacked port bonus FrankenTrinc. I love the fight. Watch Global, I tell you right where I am, then you decide if I'm any good, since I don't rely on top gear.
  4. PRIV CZARNY in an Endymion jumped an Indiaman at KPR. I waws able to grab a belle poule and rush out. Battle lasted almost the entire duration, both of us using every skill in our book, the Indiaman stay in firing at the sails, hull and deck, finally a boarding happened. Great fight! PRIV CZARNY o7
  5. Shit, tribunal your right, I missed that. Deleting my comments because you are right. It is not my place to step into someone's tribunal. Thank you for pointing this out. @FooxLee I apologise for my rudeness, I have no right to comment on this.
  6. Ive been out with my wife watching the sunset and having dinner on Corpus Christi Bay whilst AFK fishing (2 bottles, nice). I'm back in game now and will headed to 1v1 PVP zone shortly. I really don't expect you to respond Christendom. My advice to you going forward, use that TRAITOR dlc one more time, pick a nation and join, work to actually help that nation, through good times and bad. Change your name, shut your blathering pie hole and enjoy the game. Leave your past behind and start fresh, you paid money for that ability, use it. @Severus Snape
  7. I don't take it personal, I take it on face value, you flitter in like a bird and take a shit on an idea someone has, this time its me, because as the past shows anybody is a good target for your charming approach at persuasion. You spend time and energy posting on a forum on a game you say you abandoned and don't play anymore. So if I am reading all that correctly, you think the ideas I present MIGHT work? if super mods and super ships were removed? Or are you saying it won't work because of differential experience. Using that logic one would think the only time to buy an MMO is at release, if you didn't do it then...why bother others will be better than you. That is asinine and you well know it. This is a business to the devs, you do not run a business on "Certain Elites" You run it on the market, you tweak and adjust based on what customers want, not friends. If you work on the developing the first group, that is business acumen for a successful company, if you disregard the first group to high five the second, you have a hobby and are pissing away potential financial gains and market share. My focus on this entire topic is NOT limited to what I want, it is what is healthy for the population of the game, new players, having people race out in boats whenever the call comes, working together, having fun fights, reducing the salt and the bile. I want to do what I can to help this game survive, that requires money which comes from catering to the market as a whole, and not the opinions of a few "Masters of all they see" You have said you are bored with this game and don't play anymore, you say that people are trash, it's not worth your time, you can't be bothered anymore and on etc etc... And yet you come into this carefully thought out proposal and say " You can think of 1000 ideas on how to improve the game for new players and I promise you all 1000 will not work" You then offer counter suggestions, but then say they won't work. So therefore you think all is lost, nothing will work, and you are done with this game... So why are you even on these forums anymore, because the only thing I see is a witty guy that likes to take the piss out of anyone he sees, spending time here to shit on any effort someone is making. I may well be naive, and your studies of human-social interactions within a competitive framework may be deeper than mine. But in speaking with you in the past, I sort of doubt it. The framework I approach this with has a positive effect on newer players, whom bring with them other new players and so on (read sales and $) If you think that something else WOULD work, then post it and we can talk about YOUR ideas, but thus far you have added NOTHING OF VALUE to these ideas and have simply swooped in to shit on something, on a forum, of a game, you say you don't care about or play anymore. If you truly believe the devs will not waver in their " They like the videos of reverse seal clubbing 20 newbs with his 5 clan mates with meta ships, mods and 4000 hours more experience." At the expense of their game's financial survival, why the hell are you even still posting on these boards? Serious question because when I leave something behind I don't go back and write a tart letter every so often just to remind people I USED to be there and I'm still bitter. and that last snipe at the devs... " The UI is also a disaster imo. Its far to complex kinda like the roe, mods and game in general. " LOL, classic Hachi. Dude, you checked out of this game, move one with your life. I will continue to do what I can to help in any way I am able to help make this game viable long term with lots and lots of men willing to get "stuck in" and fight tooth and nail against any opponent, and get their friends to pay money to join them. I wanted to fully address you this time, but unless you have something to actually ADD to the conversation or propose things yourself for intelligent discussion. I will simply wear a hat from to protect from the bird droppings, and maybe, I will answer your snipes and jabs back in kind. I am finished with piss takers and really don't care if you think this game is trash and the devs are shit an all that yapping.
  8. A ship or two whilst hunting is fine. That is a pirate, rocking up with machine guns at a playground and not leaving till all the kids are dead is a psychopath that needs to be removed from society by any means. THAT is the difference, you are not that stupid, you know exactly what I mean. You want to sail by and take a mark or two then continue on hunting...well happy hunting. You start up the psychopath mass child killing again, I will spend my entire game day chasing your ass, and you well know, I will have all that bling as well. and I will wreck you. We trained you in ARMED, and I am one of the best PVP'rs in that clan, and you know this.
  9. Well done, you guys did everything you could trying to defend that port. In this battle Ed i salute you as a enemy comrade in that battle. You need to get involved with a good clan, one that does not condone puppy stomping. That is my only problem with you, clubbing seals. you went in killed one guy at KPR then went to Georgetown. You are roaming and hunting. I do the same thing. I have no problem you visiting kill one or two and move on, but the wholesale slaughter of puppies will not be tolerated. o7
  10. Glad for you, i only have art of sail. One day Ill have the others for now i work with what I have.
  11. You are not puppy stomping KPR and are in a Renomee or Endy by the reports, i am looking for you with an AI capped Frigate, so maybe that 1v1 you wanted. But i see you yacking in Global just let me know where you are. I am alone
  12. You told me you were going to lay off this shit.
  13. deleted with apologies to Fooxlee
  14. @Severus Snape and? Your point? I have no filter, so grab some tissue before you read further, I'm going to lay some truth on you. Well, I will tell you exactly HOW sad it was for our side, and my own personal contribution to the clusterfwck, Ill admit that. I was sort of supposed to be the overall commander which I failed miserably and became confused during the battle and lost what should have been an laydown rageboard, and then I was nothing was more than a randomly yelling distraction for my team, actually contributing to at least 1 or two of our ships being blasted to death by the tower/fort because the poor guys listened to me, after failing in my role by staying in the circle and strategically watching the battle by charging in like a retard to take out Privateer's Renomee. After people began yelling at me in Teamspeak that I was wrong. I stopped and just tried to be a cheerleader, Lucyano taking control along with another guys i can't remember. We won, in the last minute or two, poor coordination and leadership in the battle against an inferior foe? ALL ON ME BUDDY, I ALMOST COST US THE PORT BATTLE SINGLE HANDIDLY. Thank God for competent people that wrested victory from that mess that I will put my name on and OWN IT. Oh, BTW, speaking of last minute or two, MrCROWLEY'S super port bonus Surprise with 55 rig, 60 hull and 240 RUM? Right before shutdown I scouted Morgan's to see what towers/forts there were and he was run into the ground. I sailed next to him, tagged, and in battle I board, ATTACK, [SERVER IS SHUTTING DOWN] ATTACK, ATTACK, boarding WON, SINK..... Loot, leave battle, sail about 30 seconds away....... [server disconnects] I go on teamspeak crowing like a buffoon to ANYONE in brit teamspeak loud enough to wake my wife up on the other side of the house, ( made her breakfast in bed after the port battle, she is an angel, been married almost 25 years now. 😍 If we are going to talk about sad, if YOU, Christendom, by whatever mask you want to wear THIS TIME, as the pompous peacock you are as leader of VCO had been there, as men, and not nation hopping TRAITORS TO ANY ALLY YOU EVER HAD. you guys would have wiped the floor with the collected pubbies and randoms we had in that battle, commanded by a tumor having, disabled, steroid rage powered guy whom at the time of the port battle would have served that team better by BEING SOMEWHERE ELSE on the map. THAT IS WHAT IS SAD, your clan, your BLEEDING CLAN YOU HAVE BANGED ON ABOUT FOR YEARS AS BEING YOUR BROTHERS, YOU BETRAYED YOUR OWN DAMN CLAN AND LEFT THEM TO BE BEAT IN THAT BATTLE, LOSING AN IMPORTANT PORT TO THEM! You, @Severus Snape and the gang that followed you, after getting your shit pushed in by the Russians a few times so fell to your knees and licked their boots, turning your back on your team, your people, YOUR BROTHERS FFS. And i know the DISDAIN your new Russian overlords hold for your gaggle of traitors VSC. I salute the VCO members that were there, they did everything they could, having been left twisting in the wind by the jumped up strutting pidgeon of a man who, when things got tough, abandoned his FAMILY...once again. Done with you @Severus Snape @Christendom whatever. I salute all VCO members that were present, and the other pirates, for fighting as well as they could, being betrayed once again by the man who called himself leader. o7 VCO. Christendom's TRUE Picture.
  15. Faster than 13.8, I didn't apply any knowledge on it in that pic, i just put it spinning in KPR harbour and called in nation chat so the new players could come take a close look at the thing and give it their golden blessings. I only have 1 slot open on the Wasa, prefer 5th rates, but I have another to fight with.
  16. He was in so many one sided battles killing new players with that ship, the tables turned on him and he got a taste of bitter justice. He no longer has the ship, he was seconds away from tag and lost connection either intentional or not (I really don't care). Puppy stompers are a cancer in this game, I have no sympathy for them, he earned the consequences.
  17. He forced the issue, I warned him what would happen and followed through. There was that sea captain, the Pirate Hunter. I am the hunter of griefers. i won't stop chasing, they sink me, I will be right back out again. Every nation needs men to do the same, I am one of the ones whom do it for GB.
  18. You have nothing of value to add to this and are simply taking the piss mate. Knock it off and go post a funny meme mocking me for trying to help improve this game, not in the mood for your acerbic wit.
  19. @admin @Ink This game's survival RELIES on new blood. That new blood MUST be entertained and not ground under the heel of the minority toxic players who have caused the collapse of population multiple times since EA release Jan 2016. I have been there for every crash of population, every bleed off, every ROFL stomping certain nations to dust (guilty of it myself on two occasions) Some things were just the ugly side of human nature, but some of the misery was in the game design, or the mechanics allowed the toxic people to grief players and nations to just log off and uninstall, and spray their ire on Steam, YouTube, Facebook etc. There can be growth with this game, but that growth relies on giving new or returning players an easy way to have fun and excitement. The lost potential is lost, but with some minor changes there can be new potential, new sales, old long lost brothers of the sea return and check out paints and flags and the other DLC. It can happen, we as a community can help, I will be happy to help, I am making videos to show people how to do things in game, the ships, tacking, stealing the wind etc. I am figuring out how to put them on Twitch, I have set up a channel named aeomar, nothing on it yet, working on that. If we are given the tools to make good PVP fights cheap and fun for everyone on the server, word of mouth will drive sales, increase profits, help fund further new content for this game, as well as its VR sequel (my dream). Thank you in advance for your time reading this. I have put a great deal of thought into it, and am your disposal to help in any way I can. o7
  20. You da man Hethwill.
  21. This has been repeatedly requested for over three years. The following thread was created 5 days ago:
  22. We had 2 ships that were just as fast, with my Wasa close behind. He dropped sail and it appeared a proper log off. we came in took out his stern, grape board done. i saw no movement or anything. one guy who did the board said he saw rum pop but that was it. There was no weird or sketchy things, everything was a proper chase. I have since talked to him and he said his game crashed.
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