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  1. Not gonna happen, "what needs to happen" is for people to understand we are all playing on one server now. Thinking that PB windows need to be forced into Western EU primetime only is just delusional. It is not all about you princess, it has never been all about you. This server is for everyone, period. It reads like some Euros are just mad they have to play with Americans now, and want the devs to protect them from the "bad men"
  2. Its in BETA, there are no premium account to buy yet. The infrastructure is there and Premium appears as an option, but it has not been switched on yet. Play, test, provide feedback, we are testing and tweaking the final product now.
  3. Last officer in your clan to log in before the merge has the stuff from the warehouse.
  4. Isn't the map mostly blue right now? Keep in mind the American players who stayed in the EU server simply because of pop size, coupled with the botched opening of the global server. My clan has several members from Europe, as well as Oceanic and American players. Calm down, let's see how it goes. If you are going to refuse to play against people from other time zones then just find a single player game and move on. This is directed at anybody in general. We will all be on the same server, welcome or not.
  5. That sounds like a problem for team B to work on, not a reason to throw blocks in front of team A. Team B should really try to make friends outside of it's timezone, if they don't... their own fault.
  6. If the Aussies take the effort to attack a port at 3am our time, then we set the port window for OUR primetime. If a Euro clan takes the effort to come take it back then THAT clan sets the window. Fair for everyone, not ideal for anyone... but that's the game.
  7. Going outside of your primetime and attacking a port during the owning clan's prime time... Great as long as the owner fights. Setting your defense window for your primetime. .. awesome, you want to take my port you do it on MY time, and vice versa Have the full game, RVR included available around the clock... excellent! Looking forward to how this turns out, ready to test this out.
  8. Circular argument take 639: sic..."Having RVR outside of my primetime is bad for the game" Or another way of phrasing the argument is a small vocal group of players are a bit precious and self entitled. I really hope the devs find a way to rework RVR that maybe produces the least amount of whinging, or do that last total wipe of everything (clans and all) and roll out global correctly with a description about RVR nerf limits on the EU server.
  9. George Town (In the Caymans) GB attacking, Pirates defending GB took the port GB came into the port with primarily a Buc fleet, while the Pirates chose to defend with mostly Wasas. Early in the battle the pirates found themselves with poor wind, while the bulk of GB waited until the closest fort could be taken while a small contingent went to take C. The pirates sent a small force to contest C while the main forces looked at each other through their spyglasses and took sniping shots. A n additional pirate Victory spawned in about the 20 minute mark and with A in firm pirate control the bulk of the defending fleet set out to smash the small British forces in C. The British commander decided to split our forces to help our hearty mates in C, whilst with the forts being dealt with by our mortar brig expert enabled the rest of the British fleet to capture A. A few pirates took the opportunity of a favourable wind shift to contest B from the small force left to hold it, so a few Bucs reversed course and sailed to buttress the defense of B. Circle C found the Brits outgunned and they made a retreat from C with the loss of one Brit captain in a pirate frigate. Over the next 20 minutes a few Pirate captains found themselves on the wrong end of relentless broadsides. Some with their ships on fire they attempted to fireship a Brit but were unsuccessful, other bravely kept shooting till they joined the crew of ole Davy Jones. One of the Pirate Victorys decided to escape mid battle, possibly deciding to spare his crew as he waved to his brothers. The game was deciding with points, overall the Pirates lost 4 Wasas, while the Brits lost one Pirate Frigate. Great fight to all in the battle, tip of the hat to both the winners and losers.
  10. I haven't been able to log on since downtime, so the first I knew about you guys dropping was when you stated it an hour ago. In fact I never looked at this thread until you linked me several hours ago. Having the port neutral would benefit PVP for all, in that I agree.
  11. Dropped? As in your not going to show for the port battle? What the hell dude. This port battle was for up to 50 guys to have a good brawl. I know why AIB dropped that port next to Jeremie. But dropping Biscano "in good faith for the betterment of the server" just pissed away a good port battle. Global is not your private little kingdom to take your ball and go home If everyone doesn't play the way you want. hello kitty me I thought you were better than this. hello kitty ing unbelievable @Rebrall @PaladinFX I don't know when I'll be able to log in.
  12. Really, we try to have port battles at a time both sides can get good numbers. Late Sat for Aussies, Sat morning for Americans. If you were intending Biscano for PVP you should have asked, where pepole would see it. Not everyone reads the forums, and those few who do may not have seen your suggestion here. As it is we have a mutually decent time port battle scheduled. I am going to try like hell to be there, as medical issues allow.
  13. That was an answer to a specific question regarding population numbers. This thread is about the overall retention of players in a server that provides content for all. Please don't conflate the two, they are separate topics.
  14. The reason for the rapid die off of players just dropping the game altogether on global shortly after the server split is clearly explained. This deprived Global a sustained growth from its largest market until the devs finally fixed the problem. THAT IS THE RELEVANCE. I am going to take the question seriously, and answer it earnestly. Global pop started at around 300, and peaked around 400. Currently is averages around 150-200, have seen it almost 300 in the last week. Euro started at I think 400 and peaked at 900, but is around 400-500 now. So taking those numbers euro is slightly up, while Global is slightly down. The variance in server peak is a factor in these calculations. Euro server has a pronounced peak for about 6 hours, the drops quickly to the same level Global stays at AROUND THE CLOCK. Global ebbs and flows throughout the day and night. But if you look at the population numbers overall, using an average of around the clock population on each server, the amount of increased population on EU vs Global is significantly reduced compared to Global. EU has a single tidal wave that disappears after 6 hours, whereas Global has numbers with several crests. Just now there are 107 on global, but only 82 on EU.
  15. Do you guys even read, this has been answered so many times before. Ignore the opinion and simply read what was said in this very thread. Here, I will Bold Face the relative info:
  16. So the only suggestion you have is run several servers. In your OPINION the other suggestions are "poor ones". But you don't have anything to add except "Keep doing it this way" Well, there it is. Oddly enough both of you guys have no problem playing Naval Action: Forum Battles in American prime time.
  17. OK @Bearwall @Intrepido @Mikocen etc... what is your solution? The financial viability to having two underpopulated servers seems unlikely. So I put this question to you guys, suggest a way to solve these two items. 1. European (Easter AND Western), American, Oceanic and Asian players to be able to participate in RVR during their respective prime times. 2. Players do not have to worry about losing their ports at 3 am, or noon on a work day of their respective timezone. Suggestions have been made and laughed away. What is your suggestion?
  18. I was under the impression the prince de neufchatel was a redeemable as well. I might be wrong. I remember having one but not building it.
  19. The pirate clan is American, the Brit clan is Aussie. We found a solution to the time zone problem by playing cooperatively. If you can't see this I can't help you. It is pretty simple, market to the Euros only and piss away their largest market, or come up with a compromise.
  20. Right, we get 150-200 per night, last I checked at 9pm GMT on a Sat night, there were about 320 on Euro . As far as toxicity, you are mistaken. yes we have a few trolls who spout their crap and beat their underdeveloped chests. But as far as ports and consideration of others... a major brit clan and the largest pirate clan make sure to specifically target each other's ports at a mutual time we can BOTH get the most players in. There is NOT the toxicity on global you imagine. We rock up and have great fights, then we try to annilate each other afterwards, very rarely do you not see at the end of a battle, "GG, GF, thanks for coming" etc. Win, lose or draw, we have FUN. If you can say the same for PVP Euro then it must have changed quite a bit in the 6 months since the server split.
  21. If the servers wind up being merged, the server should be East coast US. Decent pings for Euros, and playable pings of Oceanic/Asians. Port capture windows with maybe a 6-8 hour vulnerability in place. Euros can sleep snuggled up knowing their ports are safe, while at the same time Aussies have the same comfort. To suggest anything else is childish. Devs have stated US is the largest buyer of this game, followed by Germany. They should REALLY think about that if they merge servers. We all want a FULL game, in OUR prime time.
  22. The Wasa should be nerfed, it is an OP ship currently that makes all other 4th rates obsolete. The ships redeemable for CM is so that if someone gets smashed in OW, they can replace their ship quickly in port and get back out there. There are many players who can't craft at level, and may not be a member of a clan who has the kind of support mechanism in place to replace 10 ships in an hour's time. This causes people to get discouraged which increases the chance of them quitting, or at the very least, turning to PVE activities. The loss of a ship that you spent a great bit of effort to obtain 15 minutes out of port goes a long way toward people throwing their hands up saying "screw this". Loosing a Wasa means you have to spend 150 CM in an outpost to obtain build of your choice, throw med guns on and you are back in the fight, as opposed to looking at a WEEK to replace the ship you sailed for all of an hour. This game has its skilled captains, and it has it's elite ones, but the majority of players are pubbies who can't handle such a crushing loss, they just won't reinvest all the time to replace that ship. I applaud the Dev's decision to make three ships redeemables, hopefully it will add to the survivability of this game. And for complete disclosure, I am an officer of ARMED, a clan who could replace a full 1st rate PB fleet in a day.
  23. POURED FISHES may thinks he owes a few L'Oceans perhaps. Lol
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