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  1. Please have a look at this, could be just thing for the casuals and pubbies to come back to the game, and maybe help catch their interest in the other aspect of the game. Having low loss high fun PVP could be the gateway for referral sales and help to grow our population.
  2. I pretty much go full PVP now, unless I am capping ships for PVP or more traders. Grinding slots is way faster going pew pew at people. eventually my docks are going to full of nothing but super mod stacked ships I've capped off others with AI trash. It is tough to take ships out to fight that have mods on them worth 5X the ship, and makes combat too easy with all the bonuses. I understand the Tryhards now, with their Gear based Franken Boats... and I'm a little sad.
  3. I am following some of the legends, Reverse has accepted a 1v1 fight with me in equal ships, so we will set that up later on. This could be start of injecting some excitement into the game. We would both stream the game so people could watch both sides! Will do the same for moscalb etc!
  4. Had a great stream going. Unfortunately we have a tropical storm coming in with out wave storms and lightning struck a transformer near my house in Corpus Christi (Aransas in game) so no power. Will post two great fights when I can and do it again later. /edit Have power back, will stream again shortly. Here is the last one. Cut abruptly mid song 😕
  5. Tonight's battle started with being jumped by some Dutchies, made em work for it, except one boarded and sunk an almost intact ship, so more of a HURR DURR sink da bote as opposed to MAH XP. Later joined a battle that was a little lopsided in our favour. Then got into a oops tag and left to talk to my wife, came back and reinforcements had jumped in, was a good fight until was brought into a boarding by a guy that was rigged for such. All in alll good fun! Freakin music police again.
  6. I will be doing my part making not only the Twitch streams I already promote in global. I also will be making videos for instruction of various aspects of the game, from the ships to tactics to trading. I intend on having an academy of sorts to cater to newer players and others who may not grasp aspects of the game. Twitch name aeomar It has the same profile pic as I do here. I wont be messing much with any elite gear, but will address the low lever to mid level player.
  7. I now have a Twitch account, and am developing it. I stream daily for PVP. I will embed the video of tonight's fun. before I could get into the 1v1 zone was tagged by VCS gank fleet. After asking reasonable and getting the HURR DURR MY XP MUST SMASH answer I picked one guys and attacked him.. Caroline Vodka, and fired on no one else, they had no reservations so my Rattisvan focused one guy trying to angle shots surrounded. Actually was fun although, ah nevermind, only game mechanic change can fix this. It is the start of the video. @admin
  8. PVP Zone tonight, first off, tagged by VCS gank fleet, finally decided to fire on one member only hoping the others would stand off, but they gotta get that XP Hurr Durr. Ends as you would expect, but made them put some effort in. @admin This is something I would like you to see, preventing a gank by having 1v1 zone surround free town will end the ability of this to happen, hope you watch at least the first battle. Second fight (at 1:03) was a proper 1v1 I lost due a messed up tack and other mistakes, got boarded... still a great fight with Toasty. note: Music police muted some things due to copyright something something
  9. Sue thing bud, I'll get with you and we can team up.
  10. 1v1 L'Hermione VS Wasa... I tagged him though.
  11. 1v1 zone buddy, I'm there almost everyday advertising where I am.
  12. @rediii IF you read the post you quoted you already know the answer to your own question. IF you think that is legitimate play with the situation and actions of everyone involved. And IF you think griefing a guy that says he is coming right back out to fight, you and you decrew, sail shock rage board and sink a 90% intact boat is anything approaching acceptable behaviour of a player.... I can't help you, you have either been hit in the head or are the very type of toxic player that should be have your account banned, hell I'll write the check for a 200% refund of your money. Because THAT SHIT PLAY THAT YOU SEEM TO LIKE NOW is one of the biggest problems this game has. I do not think this is the case, but those two guys were lowlife griefing jerks, lost any respect for them for those actions. I understand acting shocked and surprised at the anger, but FFS that is not how you treat people.
  13. 1v1 vs Requin, tough fight angling his shots and having to repair sails multiple times, in the end a draw due countdown timer.
  14. I will running a Twitch channel named dukeatreides both for instructional videos on game play, as well as Streaming regularly. I am a noob at this and have a poor speaking voice due to a radiation treatments, so apologies for that. This I will broadcast on Global for PVP zone fun and other engagements. I hope you like, subscribe or however it works... I'll figure that out later. Plan on having videos of content on the ships I sail, the mechanism of sailing as I understand as well as history and other Napoleonic naval items. Any feedback is welcome, be kind, I am learning how this all works. Twitch Channel dukeatreides now Updated and publishing to Naval Action Chat channel #atreides-naval-action
  15. I have a Twitch channel aeomar where I will be uploading instructional videos and streaming events, patrols and port battles as I get the thing figured out. Watch for it.
  16. Was a good effort Koltes, I applaud your team for making an effort. You unfortunately joined in the worst wind position and was fighting the whole time. When you abandoned C I was able to go take it. I actually did my first Twitch stream for the port battle. Will be doing many more with video content teaching players how to capture AI, fighting strategies and live Twitch, once I figure it all out. The points accumulation changed 6 months ago I think, not sure. But that is why our fleet waited to see what was your plan. i did not command or anything, I was just volunteering for everything playing with my Twitch and practicing cinematic pans. o7
  17. You do realise no one cares about your snarky opinions right? Just move on with your bile.
  18. And then the Beauty of the system is it WILL NOT ALLOW the shitty gameplay of a couple vets that I just had the pleasure of being griefed by. [HAVOC] HulioTKD tagged my Wasa sailing into La Mona (about 30 seconds from dock) because I had decided to buy the Rattisvan DLC and found nothing in the PVP zone after sailing over from Aves. I explained and asked him to disengage as a sportsman, told him I would not fire first, and asked him to let me pop into port, redeem a Rattisvan, then I would put reps on it from my Wasa and some guns and go out to 1v1 zone with him for some fun. He said no and immediately stern raked me as [HAVOC]Bodeye in another Ratt looked on and laughed. I was then sail shocked and rage boarded. I sat back in shock and watched a guy I've sailed with and fought beside as he won the boarding in two shots, and sunk my intact ship while Bodye mocked me. Really, that actually happened. Sad to say but I'm done with the PVP zone tonight, I'll go do something else with disrespectful, griefing shit being pulled right outside La Mona. I don't even care about the ship, I just am astounded in the piss poor attitude of these two against another player. Picture of the boat with stats: Very discouraging, its a cheap boat I saw in shop, grabbed it and put Meds on it to grind and have fun PVP, certainly not the shit that happened. And you know, after a few housekeeping things I'm done with Naval Action tonight, and that's two less characters in the server for the next 8 hours. And looking at BATTLE chat, and popping out in a basic cutter, they are pulling the same shit on others, not letting them into the PVP zone and tagging outside La Mona @rediii You have a couple guys @huliotkd and @Bodye That are being greifing lowlifes. SHAME if this is what your clan has become.
  19. My mistake, when you wrote one year, i read it as Year One, meaning 2015 when open world was started. Miscommunication on my part.
  20. Basically we have a situation where people like Ed are defiant of decent human behaviour and will continue to abuse people whilst mocking those who actually care about the game in chat, because they can with impunity. Therein you have a memememememe mentality that is borderline narcissist coupled with sociopathic actions who, due to broken game mechanics that REWARD such population killing behaviour in the form of shineys to post in chat like kids showing off their bottle caps or pokeman cards to people that don't care. Many will continue this, in the end, self defeating behaviour, until they have no easy marks left and they quit due to being ignored or hunted down as one of the few targets left in the server. At that point they will blame the Devs, of course, because NO ONE is responsible except someone else. With such individuals there has to be hard coded game mechanics that rather than reward such sociopathic behaviour, actually punish it, like in real life. Players that behave like Ed have indirectly COST the developers untold amounts of money in new referrrel sales, or DLC sales, due to a really shitty new player experience provided by laughing maniacs who gotta get them shineys.
  21. I'm sorry but going to have to disagree, the Dev's have been doing things in the past for the newer players, unfortunately the system was gamed by vets out for easy kills and loot grabbing (Starter Zone in Bahamas comes to mind). Just the other day the Dev clearly stated after the next patch rolls out they are focusing on new player retention and fun. This intent of focus, along with the many suggestions people including me are actively making in the interests of new and casual players, could spell vast changes in the game. The devs LOVE this game, they have a passion for Napoleonic war history and naval history. This has been a labour of love for them, and if they were shut of the whole thing they could sell their highly polished instance battle coding for a steep price and just walk away.
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