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  1. Port battle for Ragged Cay, Brit vs Pirate. We had several newer guys with a few this being their first PB. Great fun pirates!
  2. I rage boarded the first, took the AI ship (with Double loaded all sides including rear carros), kited away and used rum, then concentrated on one side.
  3. Finding information about the hotfix from a week ago, after checking though facebook, twitter and translating 4 languages
  4. Let me see if I get this right, we go in shallow ships to flip a port. The pirates bring 2nd through 4th rates to flip Arthurs and drop Port Howe. We rally a full PB fleet as well as screeners and defend Arthurs. Instead of a simple thank you, we earn derision for our efforts. Arthurs defended, your welcome Greg.
  5. Pirates dropped Port Howe and revenge flipped Arthurs yesterday using 4th-2nd rates (really?) to do it. Our screener caught many of the port battle fleet and we fought the other half in the port battle. Arthur's Town stays in British hands.
  6. I only kite to repair, or if I am tying up an enemy as a distraction to allow someone to go by the battle. Perhaps he was doing the 2nd?
  7. ROFL, you know how disjointed the information flow is from the devs, LOL sometimes they only post in the Russian side of the forum. You know, the whole "discovering things there is fun!" shtick
  8. I know it is annoying to some, but many times people have no boats in the area, are alone or in small groups that just get steamrolled over and over by large gank squads. The basic cutter is a way to limit the pain of getting steamrolled over and over and over and over again. I personally have advised anyone in the brit nation (and ARMED clan specifically) to do the PVP zone, hoping they will get a taste of PVP and find it more enjoyable than grinding PVE ships ad nauseum. PVP is where you learn to anticipate and adapt to an enemy, rather than just memorize the AI scripting. I also frequently supply newer clanmates with capped ships to help encourage them to fight. With the 5v1 to 6v1 rounds that happen, not taking a financial hit with each try helps embolden more people to fight. The PVP zone is a challenge for ALL CAPTAINS, not just ones with ships the enemy deems worthy to fight, or more frequently, gank.
  9. Being in a battle and having wind slowly veer, back, or both has screwed me over in several battles, and saved me in several. I personally think it adds depth to combat, because it is one more thing you have to pay attention to. I like it, although sometimes I reeeeeaaaally hate it, which in hindsight is a good thing. It has enabled an enemy to kite and escape, as well as ruin his plans to run away so I can finish him. But tweak it, wind doesn't change this fast except near storms, it is annoying to have it swing wildly back and forth like a politician's promises.
  10. In 1983 when I was 11, was hit by by a car, had some brain damage that caused me to lose my sight for several months, during this time time my dad would read a book to me. When I regained my sight I read Dune for myself, followed by the rest. Always try to use the same name in games.
  11. The Indiaman was reclassified as a 5th rate ship in some recent patch, so this is indeed some weird bug.
  12. While I appreciate the clans who leave the rare mod ingredients and rare wood ports open to all. 1. Cartegena Tar 2. Sweden nuff said, swedish alts everywhere, along with russian and spanish alts to get WO, LO, Teak
  13. You're going Prussian now? They are a strong nation... latch on I guess.
  14. Because being in a 5th rate tagging a 4th rate only to have 3 more 4th rates, 2 3rd and a 2nd rate all join on one team is stupid beyond belief, but this is what the game is now. For the most I can't get people to even come to the PVP zone unless they have ships to "throw away" entering the Gank Dome. Tweaking the ROE where people from the same nation could enter either side of a battle and encouraging thus would make for a lot of fun for everyone. Now it is just boring and frustrating.
  15. You cap out at 50 for bonus, plus all the PVP marks for killing players without the yellow tag.
  16. I see the guy's point Greg, can't go to another part of the map if you can't find your port your 2K from. One suggestion for OP, leave an empty outpost for times like this, teleport into a close by port, make outpost and then TP somewhere else to DO something else.
  17. Hmm, 945 pm in Texas, [log on] Being a brit in PVP zone
  18. I'm going to continue to do the PVP zone missions on my terms. I try to get a group together to join me, but failing that I will sail out in an AI capped 5th rate and search for a battle. Sometimes I may get a 1v1 (awesome) sometimes it may be a 2v1 (exciting), sometimes I may find a battle that moderately favours one side, so I and join the weaker side (great too). I'm not taking anything larger than a 4th rate out, just don't see the point. But when I am in the zone and I start seeing nothing but a large, one sided gank fleet racking up kill after kill after kill because there is no opposing fleet in the zone, I will collect what bounty I have and move on to something else. I play for a challenge, that's why I will take a Trade Brig out in the shallows sometimes to fight against a heavy rattle. GB has so few active PVP'ers, and gank is the rule du jour after around 10pm CDT. I consider myself a decent PVP player, but there is a tipping point where a challenge becomes a no holds barred desperate challenge (which I enjoy) and then finally flops all the way over to "frack me, really?" Kinda burned out on the 3rd, so carry on WO and Blanc, you guys are masters of the PVP zone during that time, you have driven away all enemies, not out of skill, but of boredom.
  19. Well, maybe the devs can fix that, I'm starting to get burned out on seeing how long I can stay alive vs 6-8 people. I'll do my pvp'ing earlier in the day, when there is more than just a dread fleet rolling around looking to squash lone players. It is what it is, no salt here, just losing interest in this type of play.
  20. Maybe YOUR group could join on both sides, mix it up a bit to actually get a fight. For example, I play really late and sometimes I see nothing but AI, so I tag it into battle. You guys come in and it is GB vs Dutch, or Spain. NOTHING is stopping you from joining both sides for a fun, challenging battle. But you all join on one side... I fight as long as hard as I can, you guys get an easy kill. Annoying and frankly boring for all. This is unfortanatly the situation, I rarely get anyone to come to the PVP zone, because they know you guys will just steamroll in. I agree it is a sad state of affairs, but only French players have the ability to fix this KoC. It is up to you if you want to have good fights or not.
  21. I prefer the Nassau zone for PVP, because I know even though it may be 6v1, you wont have 2 trincs, 3 Wasas and a Buc against your Essex. And when you do find that magical 1v1, it is against a similar strength ship. I actually had great fun fighting an American in his heavy rattle and almost had his structure to 0, until he finally capped my trader brig. Good fight Captain Mikey!
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    Thanks for the advice Otto, remarkably helpful...
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