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  1. You could log in, but every action was laggy and buggy, then tried to leave port and was underwater... back in terminal loading screen again.  At least Steam authorization is working for the PVE server, maybe use the same protocol for PVP because PVE is having NO ISSUES, or Steam just does not like PVP

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  2. OK, so I was in a Hermione, and went into Battle with [RED]Pobol.  We fought and left the circle about 20 seconds apart.  Trying to turn back in he pulled me into a boarding as timer ran out.  I sunk but still in boarding, he sunk still in boarding.  After a few rounds we both died and wound up in Tumbado.  We Both received credit for 1v1 kill.  Not sure if this is intentional or a bug.  If a bug Pobol would have won the boarding, and I will give up the two combat barks.  Never seen this.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Madame Sangre des Mortes said:

    You not understand what i write, at all...

    If you are in a small trader your chances of winning are ZERO, NADA.. no matter if I am in a privateer or Hercules or endy or anything else that can catch you.


    You're right, I am not going to argue with you.  ZERO credit for attacking a trader with a 5th rate warship.  None, nada.  And I have sunk and capped several with a trade brig/snow.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Madame Sangre des Mortes said:

    Too complicated and makes little sense.

    If i attack a trader ship it doesn't matter what ship I am in, if i can catch it.. then battle is won. Wether it's in a Privateer or in an Endymion. (talking small trade ships).

    You got to earn it mate, and not just hit the I WIN button against someone who has 0 chance of a fight.  You should not be rewarded for bringing the biggest guns into the playground to kill children.

    Conversely, sailing around in an unlocked board fitted trade brig sinking other player/traders is fun, and a challenge.


  5. I fully support backing it up 2 hours, the population graph shows that is the best time for the customers, because the fewest would be affected when server population is lowest.  Currently you get a spike that starts and crashes due to shutdown.  Its like starting a day by taking a shower, eating your breakfast and going back to sleep for two hours, then going to work.  Not logical.  That makes it 0900 Kiev time, which should be fine for any working business office.  Who knows, we might see some people come back to the game, like the best English speaking FREE advertising this game EVER saw. I miss Jeheil

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