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  1. lol I still don't understand how discord works... lots to learn

    Had a battle with me in a Rattisvan and none other than the infamous Storm Crow in....... a Trincomalee.  Spawn had his behind me, we played that sweet dance of barely moving whilst angling ind almost reverse 1 step forward, two steps back, slide side to side, two step, one back wiggle....sliiide, jump up lunge slide. hop back.  Elbows up, side to side, like CHOLO!  He got in some good rakes, I got in some good broadsides, at one point if I had pressed the advantage, but missed it.  then began a long chase with me knackering his sails to 70% but his ship still faster than mine at 100%  His countdown on sail repair came up..... and he was gone.  Good fight, good bonuses and mods on his trinc that helped him escape an inevitable death.  At that point my phone rang, was my daughter at about 2am local time. in Global I told him I was not able to fight.  I deleted the ensuing me sailing away AFK as they exacted revenge on my boat sinking it. Oh well.  Enjoy!

    One thing of note, a bit into battle a pirate player in a Pandora name destructor infernal joined with a privater and cutter in fleet.  The actual Pandora never engaged and sat at range.  The AI fleet ships came and attacked ineffectively.  Storm Crow asked me if that was my alt... No, Vernius was trying to delivery cargo.  Storm Crow let me know the BR locked him out from getting back up.  So if he brings a tribunal up for this, the player in question di not actually engage, and if it's alt abuse that is wrong, I don't care who it benefits.

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  2. I quite like this idea, of having access to the benefits but being required to pay the additional surcharges to the owning clan.  I will give a hypothetical example of a situation whereby the current system could really negatively affect a clan whose leader is a royal ass to the leader of the port owning clan.  Let's say Mr Harkonnen is the leader of SLUG clan, and they are the clan that owns Salamanca.  Salamanca is a 55 point port that makes ships with all the fancy bonuses.  Clan USUL (my clan) has 6 shipwrights with level 3 shipyards in Salamanca producing blingy ships.  Now during some afternoon port battle, I rage at Mr Harkonnen, who was not paying attention and he rams me during a fleet tack and I get stuck in chains and get rage boarded and I lose my full health gold 5 slot super L'Ocean.  I rage at him calling foul names, he rages at me calling me worse and so on.  He removes USUL as a friendly clan and EVERY member of my clan lose all crafting bonuses. 

    With the system you are advocating,  such petty squabbles would not nerf the power of a nation's crafters, on the whim of a clan leader.  There would be a penance exacted, but it would not SHUT DOWN META ship production.  Nations with more than 15 clans also put a burden on clan leaders who are approached by newer clans, and they have to agonise over wht clan to drop becuase clan ABC has been busting it's ass protecting Clan SLUG traders.  The friendly clan list should be done away with, in it's place there should be the Clan BLACK list, as in what clans are denied full building rights without paying extra duties to the owning clan.  The list is a negative, and as implimented is unnecessarily ponderous.  make it a naughty list, it will be much smaller, and easier to deal with from both sides.

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  3. @Severus Snape  I appreciate the input, and will use t to improve my streams, Thank you for the brutally honest assessment.  Serious here, I always try to improve.

    I am trying to get my head around how to get chat messages to show in my game window, Like Reverse does, the instructions are clear, I just need to find the right moment when I can be clear headed and work it out.  That way when you guys are asking for me to hit M or other requests I at least see it.

  4. I sail in every battle the same way, I am commanding the ship from the deck, as opposed to moving my avatar looking down at it. If I had my way, there would be 1st person view at several command stations on deck, an d you just cycle through then with hot keys.  Main would not be tied to main mast, but quarterdeck and from the Bow to the side of the mast.  I have asked for this in the past.  The enjoyment of people watching the stream is also important, thus I will take that into consideration.

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  5. Port Battle for Santiago De Cuba!  Pirates came in with with wind in standard Wedge formation with Koltes as the spear point.  Crashed into me after I heard boarding whistle.  Managed to maintain speed and fire broadside a few times before disengaging.  Jumbled brawl ensued for remainder of battle.  Ships exploding from magazine hits.  Wind shifts leaving men stuck in chains, boarding actions and all over Savage battle. 

    In the end the pirates had dedicated men who were able to hold the circles and the battle was lost due to point accumulation fro the circles.  Great heavy lineship fight!


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  6. Hunt your trader brigs out in the open world with the rest of them Greg, stop asking the devs to further empower your dock humping.  Bad dog!  *sprays hose on little snow*


      ^  Trader Brig 5 seconds out of dock^                                                        ^Greg  "  Rawrrrrrr! I'm gonna get ya"


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  7. Ed Rose

    • Able seaman
    • Ed Rose

    Port bonuses are destroying this game, please remove them asap....

    Only the elite clans can build them and use them..



    I have 18 of my 27 ships that are captured bonus bling up the ass ships from enemies, I would be fine if they lost all their bonuses.  This thread is sort of funny, Ed calling for the end of port bonus ships, since the Nuevitas build no longer produces monstrosities like this: 


    Or this:


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  8. I have discovered a bug and repeated it in the 1v1 zone tonight.  Tonight's PVP zone was Nassau,  I fought 2 1v1 battles with a Pandora, both battles ended with the short timer before anyone sunk.  (very very close but they didn't sink and escaped.  My XP earned.....-0-  The legacy limitations on 1v1 battles that was removed in a recent patch has left the inability to gain damage xp UNLESS you are in the old rate limit ship.  I noticed this in the La Mona 1v1 zone a few days ago, but was fuzzy and confused at the time.  Today I was clear headed and noticed it after not one, but two battles where I should have had 20K+ damage XP. 

    I don't care about the combat marks and am asking for nothing.  but the legacy coding has left restrictions in place on accumulation of damage xp within the 1v1 zone for other than origianl rate ship limitations.

    Thank you

  9. Big Big Show, This is the Defense of George Town Port Battle.  With a Bonus afterwards of me getting into a Battle late that wound up 2 L'Oceans, one driven by Ram Dinark himself and Despe.  I was in a Teak Teak Wasa.  Got some good rakes, angled a few full broadsides.  I think after this battle I may have unlocked the third slot on my Wasa, was a rare honour to get smashed by one of NA legends.  Hope to get wrecked by others.56E5F6CF59986FD89985FEF4E42EBE10297C1BB7


    ANd the Port Battle itself along with the Dessert Battle:


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  10. This is the first lesson of my Academy of sorts for new and newer players.  In this video I perform the Endurance Exam.  i will do the other exams and the Final Exam in the next few day.  Seems I inadvertently cut the last minute off because of the delay.  Well i did win and received the victory banner..


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  11. Definition of sexism. 1 : prejudice or discrimination based on sex especially : discrimination against women. 2 : behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.


    Because, my confused friend, you claim sexism.  Thus there needs to be a logical reason for such claims ie: identification of someone's gender in relation to actions or word. I have already spoken to someone via PM who actually answered the freakin question, as opposed to waving their arms like a blithering social justice numpty that apparently, does not understand the definition of the word they hurled at me.

    @Hethwill  @Ink  I request this Twitch reports and video thread be cleansed of this whiny  bullshit,  this is a thread I made to report on my twitch streams and adventures, to inspire players and educate new people.  Wraith here thinks its a playground to invade like some brain damaged Occupy CONTENT Movement to virtual signal and feel like a social justice warrior.  let him/her/whatever  make his/hers/this is stupid own damn thread to wax dramatic about the oppression of whatever tickles his/hers/FFS fancy.  Thank you

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