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  1. I fully support backing it up 2 hours, the population graph shows that is the best time for the customers, because the fewest would be affected when server population is lowest.  Currently you get a spike that starts and crashes due to shutdown.  Its like starting a day by taking a shower, eating your breakfast and going back to sleep for two hours, then going to work.  Not logical.  That makes it 0900 Kiev time, which should be fine for any working business office.  Who knows, we might see some people come back to the game, like the best English speaking FREE advertising this game EVER saw. I miss Jeheil

  2. I am not suggesting anything fishy was going on from the part of the pirates.  It was something I noticed during the port battle and called attention to it as a flaw in what was supposed to be a [HARD BR LOCK] [-error-] That either is some variable error or another mystery game mechanic that should be clear to everyone who plays the Game of RVR and relies on BR Availability to calculate the ideal fleet makeup, because if it the 2nd, we can all undercrew a full Trafalgar fleet of 25 1st and 2nd rates for every 10K port battle, pretty sure that is not anyone's intention.

  3. 18 hours ago, chailang said:

    Yes, CN clan and CCCP clan will become HAN clan to rejoin the battlefield,For my friends

    Chailing, you know me.  I respect you, come back to GB, we need your team's strength.  Regain the honour that you have within you!

    Fly this once again!




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  4. PORT BATTLE for Puerto Escondido!  A very tough fight!  Gun Volleys!  Fighting the Wind!  Rage Boarding!  BR oddness! 10300? ummm Devs?  Lightning strike nearby knocking my internet out for a couple minutes..  Right as I was trying to board FFS... And little Numpty me doing a little numpty thing toward the end. 


  5. 15 hours ago, Zahari said:

    Hello Atreides, thanks to your streams I start playing the game 2 days ago. Cheers! 

    Check out my Academy Series, I will go through the Exams and Final Exam past the tutorial and will teach sailing and fighting techniques.  The section will grow in the next few days.  It is an awesome game, very tough initial learning curve.  Tell your friends.


  6. 1 hour ago, Hethwill said:

    A while ago i'd concur. At the moment ? Not so much unless the meta ship is captain'd by a very below average.

    Mods + Books + Ports + Special Guns


    I take those odds all the time.  My last such adventure yielded the following:  My ship was a:B5968E60377869F7C23B9B0EEE16F4371C287C5E

    An I was against, and captured a:



  7. 12 minutes ago, admin said:


    Small patch will be deployed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (11 or 12th September)

    • All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server.
    • Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships
    • NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 3 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3). 
    • Ships created from dropped notes from chests and imported ships will have slightly higher chance to get additional upgrade slots than before (crafted ships will still have 3x higher probability)

    Goals. Promote more pvp, more port battles and give more options to players and reduce imbalance for nations. Crafted ships (especially with port bonuses) are still better, but captains will no longer will be locked by convoluted rules. You can capture what you see (except for premium imported ships)

    If I could, I would give you a hug and pound you on the back!




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  8. 52 minutes ago, Archaos said:

     GB want that port back but if the timer does not suit majority of the players it will be impossible to mount an attack.

    Late 2016 Yucatan Wars.  Off hours timers, rallying people to set their alarms.  Spent millions on flags, Pirates and Spanish allied against GB.  We did it then, we can do it again.  Look in Jeheil's early LTTK, he speaks of it.  KIN, SLRN, OAK, SOB, AUS, and many other clans All working together.

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  9. Putting the audio from teamspeak on a twitch stream may prove problematic for some commanders.   I will ask but will respect the wishes of the parties involved.  I do run it on a delay.  Can't promise except to ask.   As far as checking the map and hitting tab occasionally, consider it done.

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  10. Yes, I have been unable to work since June, my career as an RN is likely over.  I have three doctors who only haven't filled out my disability paperwork because I am stubborn and proud.  This is something I can do to generate some income to help my wife with our finances.  I have big plans for my channel ie; I will have an Academy for new players where I go through the Exams and Final exam slowly explaining everything I am doing, and why. (already have done the endurance, more to follow) presentations to show equipment such as a sextant and show how to take a reading, talking about the history of specific ships during long sails, showing items of interest from history etc.  This game will be the heart of my streams, and I will expand further.

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  11. Gotcha,  I just made Affiliate with Twitch, (thank you to everyone)  and have to consider what my Audience is looking for in a stream, thus will be tailoring the stream based on circumstances.  1v1s will mean I play as I have, for large scale engagements will use TAB at times as well as meta data via map.

  12. Gentlemen, If I could point you to another thread which I believe has a solid base of ideas from which to fix  the system whereby a controlling clan has SOME power (as in additional payments) but can not commit META warfare on it's own nation via friendly clan list, and petty revenge.

    Please have a read, this represent what I think is an intelligent compromise between punishing a clan and not hurting your own nation due to ego/grudge/lunacy.  My own humble suggestions are in this thread as well.  WE CAN MAKE THIS GAME BETTER, we just need to slightly NERF some of the MEMEMEMEMEMEME power players.  Let them have their hammer to hurt people they don't like, just make it a smaller one.

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  13. If I might weigh in here on Ed Rose's behalf.  He only joined VCO due to wanting to be involved with RVR.  VCO was always RVR oriented whilst at the time the other pirate clans were not interested.  Ed and I have issues, but I would hate to see his fledgling clan being put behind the black ball because he felt it necessary to join VCO in the past just to get some RVR fun.

    Just a point I think people may not know, or may get drowned out in the flame throwing.

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  14. lol I still don't understand how discord works... lots to learn

    Had a battle with me in a Rattisvan and none other than the infamous Storm Crow in....... a Trincomalee.  Spawn had his behind me, we played that sweet dance of barely moving whilst angling ind almost reverse 1 step forward, two steps back, slide side to side, two step, one back wiggle....sliiide, jump up lunge slide. hop back.  Elbows up, side to side, like CHOLO!  He got in some good rakes, I got in some good broadsides, at one point if I had pressed the advantage, but missed it.  then began a long chase with me knackering his sails to 70% but his ship still faster than mine at 100%  His countdown on sail repair came up..... and he was gone.  Good fight, good bonuses and mods on his trinc that helped him escape an inevitable death.  At that point my phone rang, was my daughter at about 2am local time. in Global I told him I was not able to fight.  I deleted the ensuing me sailing away AFK as they exacted revenge on my boat sinking it. Oh well.  Enjoy!

    One thing of note, a bit into battle a pirate player in a Pandora name destructor infernal joined with a privater and cutter in fleet.  The actual Pandora never engaged and sat at range.  The AI fleet ships came and attacked ineffectively.  Storm Crow asked me if that was my alt... No, Vernius was trying to delivery cargo.  Storm Crow let me know the BR locked him out from getting back up.  So if he brings a tribunal up for this, the player in question di not actually engage, and if it's alt abuse that is wrong, I don't care who it benefits.

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  15. I quite like this idea, of having access to the benefits but being required to pay the additional surcharges to the owning clan.  I will give a hypothetical example of a situation whereby the current system could really negatively affect a clan whose leader is a royal ass to the leader of the port owning clan.  Let's say Mr Harkonnen is the leader of SLUG clan, and they are the clan that owns Salamanca.  Salamanca is a 55 point port that makes ships with all the fancy bonuses.  Clan USUL (my clan) has 6 shipwrights with level 3 shipyards in Salamanca producing blingy ships.  Now during some afternoon port battle, I rage at Mr Harkonnen, who was not paying attention and he rams me during a fleet tack and I get stuck in chains and get rage boarded and I lose my full health gold 5 slot super L'Ocean.  I rage at him calling foul names, he rages at me calling me worse and so on.  He removes USUL as a friendly clan and EVERY member of my clan lose all crafting bonuses. 

    With the system you are advocating,  such petty squabbles would not nerf the power of a nation's crafters, on the whim of a clan leader.  There would be a penance exacted, but it would not SHUT DOWN META ship production.  Nations with more than 15 clans also put a burden on clan leaders who are approached by newer clans, and they have to agonise over wht clan to drop becuase clan ABC has been busting it's ass protecting Clan SLUG traders.  The friendly clan list should be done away with, in it's place there should be the Clan BLACK list, as in what clans are denied full building rights without paying extra duties to the owning clan.  The list is a negative, and as implimented is unnecessarily ponderous.  make it a naughty list, it will be much smaller, and easier to deal with from both sides.

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