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  1. 1 hour ago, scottydog said:

    So................. , Those of us who had Faith in The Creators of Naval Action have been 'Stuffed' again. No surprise there then !

    Pretty sure it is just an overlooked bug, I'm confidant they will fix it.  I bought the game in Aug 2015 and I also don't have it unlocked.

    /edit  Just checked on my alt account, which was bought June 2016, he has the Trinc DLC.

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  2. On 6/11/2020 at 2:01 PM, admin said:

    Hello Captains

    Nothing can be more important to the naval architect than a thorough knowledge of the properties of the materials with which he has to deal with. 
    He can use this knowledge to his greatest advantage and thus produce a well proportioned ship of great speed or strength.


    Be glad to know when the intrinsic nature of wood is finalised for shipbuilding.  Please a heads up on the OP from the Devs when wood attributes become stabilised.

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  3. /Quote Henry Longcastle/

    What is up with entire clans migrating from nation to nation only to capture a bunch of ports and then leave for an other nation, leaving the nations they originally joined to die?  
    Is it disagreements between clans that push some to leave for an other nation or something else?


    Answer to that is some people play this game to have fun, support their side in good times and bad, and show dignity and honour in both defeat and victory.  Others play to be sociopathic assholes who seem to take joy in ruining the game for others every way they possibly can.   GB, after having fought tooth and nail all the way back the Belize, and then began taking our territory back.  Pelusa stating he was leaving and "taking 20 guys with me" BAIT I mean TRAP I mean LURE I mean MATDR was already starting to trickle into Poland, thus Spain was defeated in the Yucatan. When Spain surrendered GB was asked to wait a few days for the Spanish to be able to evacuate Trux, most of GB even refrained from attacking Spanish trade ships.  And then Sweden swoops in and sets a PB for Trux, with Spanish screening FOR Sweden.  This situation asked for GB to be gentlemen in our Victory.  Sweden and Spanish were counting on our decency so they could screw us over.  Truly a dick move extraordinaire. I would say shame on those that lied and took advantage of GB integrity to pull this shit, but the perpetrators have no shame, and it would fall on deaf ears. 

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Cetric de Cornusiac said:

    I personally like doing hostility missions. What I hate meantime is the "first clickidiclick millisecond game" when the timer actually begins - for determing who will get the port battle..

    GB has not had this problem in a while.  We used to, but worked on our communication and other than a single random here and there it has not been a problem.

    Back to the main point, will this kill NA?  Don't know, but now only the select few will be in RVR,  I don't know about other nations, but when Belize was under attack by Spanish and traitors, we had over a hundred involved in that RVR from all ranks.  Everybody had a purpose to serve the nation, now... Max 25 is all that is needed is experienced, skilled captains.  Thus if you are interested in participating but are not already on the short list, well, there is PVP zone and econ to do.  Entering a port battle by beaming in instantly was an exploit the devs fixed years ago, I find it strange they are now making it the Port Battle Mechanic.  We will all see, but I am understandably very skeptical of this having a positive result for nations, or the game population as a whole.  Making this sort of end game content so exclusive, along with fine woods 2.0, gear stacking ships to make them sailing fortresses that can repair from 15% to 90% in 5 minutes, being able to lose MONTHS of hard work from losing one port and being further hobbled from being competitive.  Time will tell.

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  5. 1 hour ago, PelusaNinja said:

    after some weeks with the only chance to defend urself cuz u cant get inside anmy port, and this confirmed msg from a good friend in GB "Britain can field 3 pb fleets now due to Russian alts, were fine but Russia will come into it if we take Belize apparantly Anolytic and North Viking .... have GB alts now and are coordinating with their clans".

    I decide to take a break and let this game die fast as russians want it, 600 players online right now, say goodbye to 20+.

    When this game become a little bit matched with a real RvR, will revive, this 1-52 patch will be useless. SEE UUU



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  6. 1 hour ago, King of Crowns said:

    /snip   just when you thought the world had gotten a little better. 

    Ironic, most of the forum could say the same about your petty little posts.  Now why don't you two just bang each other already and get it out of your systems.


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  7. MIne did the same thing today on Naval Action, as soon as I loaded the game in a loud buzz began, I checked my sound settings and it made no difference.  As soon as I shut the game down,  the noise stopped.  I loaded the game back up, and it seemed to have sorted itself, although I have no idea what that was, as it's never happened before.

  8. When I tag a player with a trader fleet, I tell them from the outset "I will not retag you after this battle".  Because I play this game to have fun, and take no joy out of griefing a guy to nothing, so I don't do it.  After the battle whether I kill the guy or he outsails me and gets away ( I congratulate him at 15 seconds left to escape and remind him I won't retag) I sail on for other prey.  There is no sport in killing a guy's Indiaman and then retagging and killing his next Indiaman and so on.  After he loses his primary ship he has no book knowledge slots available on what was his fleet ship. (Devs needed to fix this a long time ago... shame they won't even after it being asked for many times).

    I know I'm in the minority, but I am glad to see griefing gets the griefer nothing except a capped ship if he chooses. 

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  9. There are several guys who are really good at it.  In the 1v1 PVP zone I have been in several fights where I had all armour off on one side of my opponents ship and was working on structure , had stern raked him a few times, my sail repair already finished from PING PING PING PING PING PING PING which continues then PING PING PING PING, I lose a mast, work to recover PING PING  PING PING PING another mast...  PING PING PING PING PING last mast and 6 minutes till next repair. Not a bit of damage done to any other part of my ship but now the guns are aimed at the hull, outside of my firing arc and my ship is slowly pounded to nothing.

    At the point I am dis-masted from one trick pony guy, and I just salute and surrender, at this point it is pointless to anything but that.  I then wait awhile before going back into 1v1 zone because I go there for a fight, not PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING.

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  10. It is what it is, you enter a battle and try to outmaneuver a player and keep angling whilst not heeling too much... All the while he is ignoring everything EXCEPT sniping your masts.  Penetration mods, aiming mods, and good ping makes you realise this most likely a losing battle for you.  A single mast sniper that is highly skilled at mast sniping with low stable ping will dismast and then lazily take your ship apart or cap you irrelevent of your efforts.  Sometimes it seems the game mechanics favour being a one trick pony, and it is highly doubtful the Devs will do anything to mitigate that. 

    It is a playstyle that is highly advantageous to the sniper, cannot begrudge a guy who has found an edge and will use it anytime he can.


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  11. 52 minutes ago, Despe said:
    • Unlimited painting. As a untradeable ship, redem a paint for a DLC don't block your DLC painter with the 24 hours countdown. Probably a change in painter DLC would be a good idea, adding a button for importing DLCs paints, and other button for the rest. Paints would be still as untradeble items.
    • Change in countdown. Remove the 24 hours of countdown for reedem it, and reset it after the daily maintenance server time. This could be a good idea too for painting DLC.

    Some ideas are wellcome.

    Despe loves you :D

    Absolutely love these two proposals.

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