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  1. Atreides

    Clan name + tag on release wipe

    Clans need to be wiped and started new, there are so many defunct clans its a scrolling nightmare to add a friendly clan to your list.
  2. Atreides

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    Kraken, my favourite spiced rum.
  3. Atreides

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    Devs tried something a while back to allow crafters the ability to control quality of ships, it was called "Fine Wood" I thought it could have worked with tweaking... But the sodium level went off the scale, and the devs just abandoned the idea.
  4. Atreides

    Sealed bottles and ship wrecks

    I'm not arguing about it making sense, because I agree it doesn't. But that is the explanation devs have given for this question before, and the mechanic works as intended (unless it is in shallow waters, then F11 it.
  5. Atreides

    Ship Overloaded

    Just toss one in the water for the homies that are gone
  6. Atreides

    Sealed bottles and ship wrecks

    Because on some wrecks it forces you to sail an Indiaman to it to be able to loot it, adding risk to the equation especially in hostile waters. A tip is if you get a bottle sail it back to safer waters before you open it, the wreck spawns X distance from where you open it, not where you found it.
  7. You have to be in a friendly port to collect rewards
  8. As an example: Select buy cannons. Click Pause You have bought cannons click OK click Pause Select hull repairs click Pause You have bought hull repairs click OK. Click Pause Select rig repairs and click to buy Pause You have bought rig repairs click OK Click Pause Select rum and click to buy Pause You have bought rum. Click OK Click Pause This is what I mean, the unnecessary pauses to tell me I bought rum after I bought rum is unnecessary and annoying with the pauses. Thank you Pause You have said thank you, click ok Click
  9. Remove the acknowledgment window that pops up on most actions. On a ship or special item crafted or a trade fine. On buying or selling items it's not necessary and with higher ping increases the time of transactions.
  10. Just to weigh on the Requin... I am a longtime player (before Steam EA) and medium skilled PVPer (as in I get sunk more than I sink) I still have my redeemable Requin, with Cart refit, Elite Pirate and Master Carpenter, I am only playing an hour or so a day, sometimes only a few times a week the last 3 months. But in that time since redeeming the Requin I have sunk 7 Requins, 4 Hercs and the odd 5th rate trying to seal club around Jamaica, sometimes with help sometimes not. I have learned what the ship can do, and the assessment of it being overpowered are absolutely correct. with 80% sail I can still go 14.5+ knots close hauled to fade back and repair, then charge back in. With the right mods this ship is a game breaker for others without.
  11. Atreides

    Guide: Norfolk nBanker FX trader in the Age of Sail...

    Interesting read, will need to ponder on this to wrap my head around it better.
  12. Atreides

    Redeemable and Character Deletion

    Permanent redeemables are account linked, as opposed to character linked, unless that has changed recently.
  13. Atreides

    Beacon fires

    We need lighthouses.
  14. Atreides

    Recently Killed

    Locking a player from PVP for an hour after fighting and losing his ship simply means more people will just say screw it and log off. All this is getting ridiculous, newer players are clubbed by vets AND game mechanics that only encourage and enable this. This is the reason so many have bought the game, but no longer play.
  15. Atreides

    Captains view from helm/wheel and crows nest.

    This was actually requested by several people including me before this game went to Steam, and periodically after. But over the years seeing as major things haven't happened I'm not holding my breath. TBH I would LOVE this, and if the day comes we ever get it I will be very happy.