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  1. Actually, Operation Octopussy involved players from 3 nations in port battle and a few other nations screening. Every port that was defended was not taken. But then, Chrissy would've known this.
  2. It has been 4 days, ANYTHING? @Ink I see you respond to these posts rapidly, at least in the past, am I to take this to mean just suck it up and deal with it?
  3. It has been 48 hours, an answer, acknowledgement, something? I'm only bumping this to prevent it from dropping off the first page.
  4. Several people including me were doing a hostility mission for Tulum. After being kicked out the first time my ship was sitting in OW after server was back up fully repaired, no hostility was generated. I entered a hostility mission again and this time in the heat of the battle I lost control of my ship and the game kicked me out again as the server was shut down AGAIN. By this point I had to go to doctor's appointments. I just returned home and logged back into game, in port, no ship, with a kind letter from the admiralty. I had a WO/WO Wasa, fully gunned with longs and carros, cartegena caulking, british refit, and british gunners. It was very cramped but to be honest blue 3 slot. Built by me in Truxillo with Hull4 Crew4 Gunnery4. Thank you in advance.
  5. This information would be good to advertise, might give pause to the roving gangs of trincs that tag trader brigs over and over to sink their escaped fleet ships ad absurdum.
  6. Chasers on my beloved Essex? Oh what a dream, completely historically accurate. Been asking for almost 4 years... Also been asking for lighthouses.
  7. The only thing I can think of is to mouse click on the screen, or hit enter again. This is what I do to toggle from chat to control.
  8. Application for BF clan is still pending, this is his training.
  9. My fleet was 2 trade brigs loaded with cargo, my main a trade snow armed with repairs and passengers. Tagged by a guy in a Prince. After 45 minutes I had the guy down to 1 bubble armour an both sides and 41 crew. Sadly he popped a sail repair and escaped after some good natured banter. We both GG and o7. After I docked up to deliver 2 sets of passengers and 2 sets of cargo for 320K reales and 2K dubloons, and went on my way... 30 minutes later I was tagged by a trinc, and 2 more jumped in, with each going after separate boat. Seriously 🤔
  10. There was an active thread just a few days ago with people being linked, no dev or mod ever commented. I am guessing "certain people" achieved max craft rank off rum and the feature magically became a bug and was turned off. Only way to increase craft xp is through ships ATM, hope it gets fixed but repeated history makes me pessimistic.
  11. It is really a shame that people can't play the game without resorting to underhanded exploiting behaviour to use alts for the sole intention of ruining the game for others.
  12. Baltic, thought you were a mod for some reason, glad you weighed in. Angus, you are right, everything that does not come out of shipyard yields -0- xp, which is utter crap.
  13. *BUMP* @Ink @admin @balticsailor @Powderhorn This PROBLEM needs to be addressed on behalf of every player without a bloody shipyard currently being punished with no way to have more than 1000 labour hours. Reduced craft XP based on what is crafted, or some other mechanic but no -0- xp unless you build a ship.
  14. I have a clanmate who built a workshop to craft mods and repairs, as well as forests. He agreed and was like 80 points from craft level 2. Now he is stuck forever in level 1 limbo unless he builds a shipyard? COME ON DEVS, this is just spiteful.
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