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  1. Some people just won't admit that they are PVE players and that is why they need revenge fleets. Revenge fleets are unrealistic and never happened in the age of sail. "we need them for gameplay purposes", yeah ok. PVE players need them.
  2. Just pointing out that this system is way worse than the exit to BR screen. And no they won't because they are set on satisfying the PVE crowd.
  3. Exit To Friendly Port BR screen is way less exploitable. Read this to get an idea. Now Pros and Cons of teleport to freindly port. Not suggesting to bring this back, just comparing. You decide which has less ways to abuse and is better for the game. Exit To Freindy Port Pros No more unrealistic escaping more than once, when you escape you escape Repeat tagging is removed, you do not need to worry about having 5 hours to go out and look for 1 good PvP Revenge fleet can no longer sit on your battle location by teleporting from the othe
  4. Well I must say it is quite unfortunate we are going to be keeping these realistic "home defense fleets" or whatever you may call them. The mechanics support toxic behavior giving opponent no way to log off to return to real life. Can't say we didn't try. I will move on now, the mechanics in this game support trolling each other until you run out of real life time, I have never in my life seen a game do this.
  5. I agree. It kills my brain cells everytime revenge gankers ignore the counter arguments on why revenge ganks are unrealistic and will hurt the game. I feel like I'm talking to 10 year olds.
  6. If they could somehow work something in so where the battle ends is where you spawn on open world, and not where the battle started. But there will still be problems, this will not completely fix them.
  7. Well it's unfortunate this never worked out. We really need another solution, this griefing is out of hand and we are right back to where we were. Basic cutters and other smaller rated ships are now griefing everyone in sight with no intention of fighting and laughing about it.Some sort of mechanic needs to be put in place and soon to stop these trolls. This is absolutely ludicrous and needs to be fixed.
  8. I won't lie, I've had some great PvP too. But right now it is being overshadowed by the griefing that is happening in between finding good battles. That is the problem right now, you can find great PvP battles but the bloody griefing is just out of hand right now and it's just stupid. For every 1 good battle that is found you get griefed for hours in between. Griefing is taking up a lot of playtime for quite a few PvP players and it's getting out of hand. They will eventually get sick of it and just quit. Something needs to be done about this, it is only get worse once everyone has a
  9. It's not about losing your ship, but if you are forced by game mechanics to surrender because you are getting griefed over and over because you have no control over being able to escape that is just absolutely ridiculous. This even happens in your own home waters, basically right now if you leave port you are at risk of being griefed for hours and not being able to escape. After a while the cost will add up and you will need to keep PVEing or trading after being griefed for hours and being forced to surrender. That is not how a PvP server should function and this is going to discourage p
  10. Yeah we all get lucky sometimes, but just wait until you start getting griefed over and over for hours until you are forced to surrender in order to get on with real life. You want to PvP? Well you better not have anything planned for the next 15+hours until server maintenance because no guarantee you will get away with the griefing. No guarantee you will even get a good fight because of it.
  11. Right same game as pre patch 10.00, What exactly changed to make griefing players over and over ok? As far as I am aware the open world mechanics haven't changed so why is it all of a sudden ok to make players devote their life to a game or surrender after every battle? Please explain mates, I can't understand why greifing is somehow okay now.
  12. Why not rename them this? Griefing 1 EU Griefing Global
  13. I Was thinking about it last night, it would be the best solution in my opinion. If you gank you get ganked, if you have given enemy a fair fight there should be no reason to be punished for your actions of trying to create good fun content for the game.
  14. Another alternate suggestion would be when the battle timer ends, hopefully 2 minutes if the attacking side has 1.5x MORE BR than the enemy they do not get exit to freindly port but need to face the revenge fleets for ganking. If you are within the 1.5x BR threshold than you may exit to freindly port. Just throwing another suggestion out there, this needs to be fixed and you can't ignore it.
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