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  1. I am not arguing for your trade ships to be defended by the AI. Your trade ships would be sailed by the AI, and you would defend them yourself with your own man of war.
  2. Now that (at long last) you can no longer teleport back to your capital with a hold full of cargo, it's time for the Developers to address trading. Currently, trade ships are way too vulnerable. If you are seen by an enemy warship, you will in all likelihood be captured. Running away is futile, and self defense is likewise futile. We need the ability to provide escort for trade ships. Allow a person to put trade ships into his fleet. That way, a captain can command a warship, and convoy his trade ships through hostile waters. This would make trading more viable a
  3. As long as you are required to sail a defenseless trade ship through enemy waters, teleporting with cargo is the only viable option for transporting goods. Everyone wants to do away with teleporting with cargo. That's fine PROVIDED that there is some realistic way for me to protect my trade ship. Trade ships should be part of your fleet. I should be able to sail my warship and be accompanied by my trade ship(s). Currently, a cargo ship is pretty much defenseless, so moving cargo around by actually sailing is pointless.
  4. I made a similar suggestion in this thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10253-resolving-the-conflict-between-casual-and-hard-core-players/ A "sea trials" or "arcade" mode could be a lot of fun. I really think that XP and gold from sea trials should be separate from the open world, however.
  5. I have collected a number of exceptional modules now. The only ones that have any practical value are the ones without penalties. This really makes no sense. Exceptional modules should not have such high penalties as to render them useless.
  6. No. Fog is part of the ocean world. I like fog. It helps me hide from enemies. It adds some interest and mystery to the experience.
  7. YESSSSS!! Please! So much common sense. Don't know why it's not yet implemented.
  8. Sadly, rolling front to back doesn't work so well on a Renomme. Front to back broadsides begin with the rear quarterdeck guns.
  9. I've had a ship explode when I was sailing it. Also low damage, and no fire (at least, I think it wasn't on fire, as I was aiming my guns at the time.) It's rare, but it happens. Sucks when it happens to an exceptional ship.
  10. AWESOME. I didn't know. Thanks! Does it work in battles and in the open world?
  11. In real life, I enjoy photography. In Naval Action, I enjoy taking screen shots. It would be great if you could enter a game as a non-combatant and maneuver your point of view all over the battle. This would allow for some awesome screen shots. Currently, your perspective is somewhat limited, as you are tied to your ship. Maybe allow ships that are sunk or surrender to continue on in free camera mode. If that option were there, I'd enter in my basic cutter, surrender immediately, and take some really awesome screen shots and video capture. It would be fun for the pl
  12. Great idea. Provides more variety and fun, but doesn't upset game balance.
  13. When naming ships becomes a thing, you will need to name your ship H.M.S. Hood.
  14. We still do co-op with SOL from time to time. We are part of the diplomatic alliance with SOL and the major Pirate clans.
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