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  1. Испанцы в очередной раз увидили читерство на стриме Москаля. На испанском языке, разумеется.
  2. Что-то похожее случилось со мной на эпик ивенте - вот видео https://clips.twitch.tv/GiftedCrunchyFloofSMOrc
  3. Dedication. Passion. Communication. Fairness. Luck. I would like to point, there was a great Pirate power before SORRY (with all respect).
  4. Я не дисконектился, а телепортировался в столицу, к чему все эти выдумки? Может ПВП(и игру) убивают барыги играющие в 2 окна и использующие ботовские флоты?
  5. Xemko

    "Карибский кризис"

    Как-то так. Вчера в Джереми.
  6. Xemko

    "Карибский кризис"

    Ну слава богу. Игра продолжается.
  7. Im not lying. As you mentioned, you win and lose sometimes, in smaller battles, indeed, i'm totally agree with you on that. I mentioned big port battles with even numbers of SoLs. 25 vs 25. both attack or defence. I'm not disrespectful. Good luck and have fun.
  8. We have provided screenshots, you have nothing behind your slander.
  9. Another slander post. Try harder. We were defending in Saint Nicolas, cause it is hard to go offensive against 4 nations, perhaps? We destroyed you and swedes 1v1, or even 2v1. Baracoa, Saint Nicolas, Jeremie. What's your point, 1v1 is not fair fight for the Dutch nation anymore? Learn how to lose, show some respect. BTW, hiding fleets never happened, we are playing fair, unlike you Dutch, blocking swedish Leogane (after we pulled flag on it) with your conquest flag, with no intentions to take it. Fleeing from every single port battle against an even force. Good fights and fair winds to all honorable Dutch captains.
  10. We have actually serious concerns in your(Dutch, Swedes) competence in this game, you have not won any single port battle against even or close opponent. Well at least you keep trying you luck at forum, windbag.
  11. Xemko

    "Карибский кризис"

    Не поленился почитать эту тему. Впечатлился. Составил для всех сборник запомнившихся *вбросов* от данного персонажа. Видимо мы играем в разные игры. *Включая игровую карту.