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    Scourge of war series.

    Scourge of War is a good series. i have both the Gettysburg (American Civil War Version/expansions) as well as the base Waterloo (Napoleanic) version. Played a lot of SoW:Gettysburg solo as well as some MP games with a small group of players. There is (or at least was when I last checked) a group of US based players that played MP every afternoon/evening, and some European based players that had MP sessions on weekends.
  2. Merry Christmas/Frohe Weihnachten to all!
  3. Chijohnaok

    Where Shall the Tribes Establish Camp?

    Good luck to you and your Free Tribes
  4. Chijohnaok

    [Caribbean server] Join Russia, Join the Empire!

    True, vodka rations may give a 30% penalty for precision, but vodka rations also gives a 30% bonus to crew/health. Men who are already pickled in vodka will not realize they are hurt (or even dead) and will continue fighting.
  5. Presumably if you still have a set of forged papers left (on either of the two existing servers) this would allow you to move to another nation. If you don't have any forged papers left (I have not played much recently so I think I have at least one set on each server) then maybe as part of this server merger the developers will grant one more set of forged papers to everyone so that they can roll to the nation of their choice.
  6. For how many decades did the Soviet (Red Army i believe) hockey team dominate Olympic hockey (IIRC, they (Soviets or "Unified Team) won it 8 out of 10 consecutive Olympic hockey championships between 1960-1992)? Those teams were essentially pro players, while other countries were forced to field amateur teams, yet people still watched.
  7. Chijohnaok

    Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    The lower BR is to force a team to vary its fleet makeup. i think the last thing that anyone wants to see is a 3 v 3 battle made up of a monochrome fleet. Such a BR limit forces a varied fleet makeup and also forces a team to adjust its tactics accordingly. You can't just sail broadside to broadside when you and your oppoennents have ships with varying capabilities. IIRC, The 3v3 tournament that happened last year had a BR limit of 450.
  8. Chijohnaok

    [Serious] Server Health

    From reading the Patrick O;Brian and Dewey Lambdin novels my impression of peace time was that frigate captains sat around at half pay. They were a nuisance to their wives....they went to the Admiralty office every few weeks looking for work, then they came back home and pestered their wives again. Their highlight was when war finally broke out again. Fun times I'm sure.
  9. Chijohnaok

    ship sails though an island

    I believe that when you F-11 it it gives the devs the exact coordinates where it happened. I suppose that it makes it easier for them to find and correct it that way.
  10. Chijohnaok

    ship sails though an island

    It happens. Just F-11 it. I also on occasion saw an AI ship permanently stuck outside a port, for several days. I F-11'd it and the next day the stuck ship was gone.
  11. Chijohnaok

    Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    Sorry, I don't live in Europe. The idea that an entire continent (Europe) takes its vacation(summer/holiday) at the same time is not something that I am used to. Who does the work while you are all gone?
  12. Chijohnaok

    Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    Ok, then EUROS. I just logged into the EU Server. It is 21:00 server time...the tail end of Euro prime time. What do I see? (no port battles contested, no port battles scheduled, and only 2 ports on the map have more than 10% hostility generated). So what are all these Euros who choose to play on the EU server doing (if they are not fighting port battles, not creating port battles, and few generating hostility)?
  13. Chijohnaok

    Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    Koltes, if I understand you correctly, you are arguing for a 6 hour period during which the attacker cannot do a port battle. The thing is, to the Dane/Norge, Swede, Spanish E U players, anything outside of THEIR 5 or 6 hour primetime is considered a "nightflip". They want 18 hours during which there can be no PBs. That is what they have now on the EU server.
  14. Chijohnaok

    The Klingon Bucentaure of Prey - Possibly a bug

    Someone violated the Temporal Prime Directive by introducing future technology into a 19th century ship. ;-)
  15. Chijohnaok

    OpenWorld Politics - What can i kill?

    This would certainly be useful but we must remember that this would all be on the "honors" system. There is no in game mechanic to enforce things like "NAP/Trade - ANY MILITARY SHIP IS ENGAGEABLE" or "ALLY - NO SHIPS ARE ENGAGEABLE in any waters". Uninformed players will do what they do, and some solo privateers choose not to observe the pleasantries of these arrangements since they are looking for PvP and may not care about RvR or diplomatic arrangements.
  16. Chijohnaok

    National Diplomacy forum

    I don't think that such a sub-forum on this Naval Action website is a necessity. This website is (to my knowledge) owned by Game Labs and its purpose is to support and facilitate the game development. I think that creating such a subforum would then (by implication) require it to be moderated. I'm not sure whether Game Labs would want to undertake such a responsibility. As some others have stated, there are already some 'back channels' which allow diplomatic contacts. Additionally, before the big Patch 10.0/server changes, I had requested (and gotten) Mustaparta (owner of a currently populated Naval Action DISCORD) to set up a "Diplomacy" channel on that DISCORD. The idea was that it would provide for a place where the diplomats from the various nations could interact with other diplos. The channel was set up to require a diplomat tag before one could participate in that channel. I checked today and that channel is no longer in that DISCORD (probably because there was no one using it). If there were sufficient interest in resurrecting something like that AND IF IT WERE ACTUALLY USED, then I suspect that Mustaparta might be convinced to resurrect a DIPLOMACY channel there. For those that would like to check out the DISCORD that I referred to here is a link to it: https://discord.gg/R5uJ6nz
  17. Chijohnaok

    Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Addendum: They say hope springs eternal, so we are willing to keep trying. ;-)
  18. Chijohnaok

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Regarding your last comment, In some ports the forts and towers cover little to none of the 3 circles (see Santa Marta--which I grant was uncontested) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx3OZcHt9VbNMTNvTXFIQ2RVUVk While at Port au Prince (which has very good coverage from the forts), we (GB) had like 4 captains who in the first 10 minutes of the battle refused (or ignored) the PB commander's orders and turned to a course that placed them OUTSIDE the fort coverage and right into the pirate blob (then they were then promptly sunk).
  19. Chijohnaok

    Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Organizing training is easier said than done. Since the Patch 10 I have been in 2 nations (US and GB). We repeatedly attempted to organize training activities for those captains that needed help with things like manual sails. Responses ranged from clan leaders telling us that 'their members don't need that shit' to training sessions where no one showed up. We were called elitists when we offered to conduct training sessions OR we were called toxic for criticizing when we saw captains that could not stay out of irons in a 4th rate PB or do simple things like sail in lines, turn in succession, or follow a port battle commander's orders.
  20. Chijohnaok

    Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    You're dreaming. How is the largest British clan (and I am not sure who that even is) supposed to enforce its will on smaller ones? In the pirate nation, smaller clans that resist are subject to outlaw battles to try to keep them in line. That is not an option in GB or any of the other nations. If a small clan (or any clan for that matter) doesn't like a decision (either imposed or arrived at by consensus of the majority) than they simply ignore it. There is no penalty currently in game for GB (or other national) one clan to "force its will" on another. And I have seen no indication anywhere (forums or otherwise) that the developers have ever considered giving the outlaw tool to any nation other than pirate. (In the distant past if you attacked someone of your own nation it automatically made you a pirate).
  21. Chijohnaok

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Being one ported is not a pleasant experience. I was in the PvP 1 US nation that was one ported TWICE by the Pirate SORRY clan. As a result of that we lost more than half our nation's players and it took us at least 6 months of effort/organizing/training before we were a viable force again.
  22. Chijohnaok

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    You are wrong about that. I have done plenty of screening (both on Global and previously on PvP 1). There were plenty of battles in which not only did the screeners have fun, but those within the port battle fleet later commented that it sounded as if the screeners had more fun than they did in the PB (best example of that was when PvP 1 Danes tried taking Bermuda from the Brits 3 weeks in a row. Each time the screeners were the key to victory and those in the British/US/Dutch PB fleet commented at for at least one if not 2 of the PBs that they thought it sounded as if the screeners had more fun. I and a group of 15-25 US captains sailed round trip for 5 hours on each of those 3 occasions).
  23. Chijohnaok

    A Cunning GB Plan...

    We already have this in place. The PvP 1 clans brought this with, even insisted on it for the GB nation. This was SOP for the the PvP 1 US/Brit/Dutch alliance going back for about a year.
  24. Chijohnaok

    White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    How exactly was Global Spain "annihilated"? It was basically an empty nation to start with. When we had the Global Server meeting on (IIRC) April 1st, there was only 1 player who committed to playing Spain on the Global Server. (And I don't believe that "Dave", the player who seems most active in Spain is even the one who said he would play in the Spanish nation in that meeting).
  25. Chijohnaok

    Why PVP Global USA Fails

    1st rates can be effective in 1st rate port battles (provided that the captain sailing it knows how to effectively use it). 1st rates can also be effective for grinding hostility to generate port battles, provided that they have smaller ships (frigates and such) as an escort for protection. And I fully agree that many 1st rates are "stolen" because the captains sailing it uses it stupidly (sailing solo on PVE missions), sailing solo in general, using it for fishing, etc.