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  1. I guess I was more interested in the 2nd option, but it seems likely to end up being too much. I'll see what I can do, but thanks a lot! Perhaps, I will settle for switching the Sharps stats for another high tier, but still more available rifle (as well as description files), as a simplest fix. Yeah it's a bit of cheating, but what do you do 🙃. Thanks for your attention, even to such a relatively separate and limited scope topic!
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply, seems I at least have some options now. Figures. Suspected something like that. Sad face. Always liked giving some elite brigades of mine Sharps rifles for great effect. Well, that would depend on how exactly "semi" those complex changes are. I tried renaming some things before, more so hoping to bring sharps back to how it was, but obviously failed. Simply changing descriptions however seems only cosmetic. Yeah, that's what I figured - from the limited guide i managed to find before. This one seems more in depth, thanks a lot. Maybe I will
  3. It saddens me that Sharps Rifle is no longer available to equip infantry brigades. I think I understand the reasoning for it, even if I disagree with it - seeing how it was rarely used by line infantry (if still used). On the other hand, I'm not sure, if removing Sharps but keeping the 1855 revolving rifle, as well as Henry and Spencer rifles for the same role makes sense, considering how rarely were they used in that manner. Not even mentioning such weapons as Whitworth rifle (which to my knowledge was exclusively a sharpshooter weapon) and Joslyn Rifle (which only saw limited production a
  4. Revan


    All fair points. There are some details I'd comment on later, but mostly - very fair and clear points, I can't say much against them. However, I'm not really sure what was the point of your points. If you know what I mean. It's not that relevant to what I was talking about, rather then the background for it, and my main point was that weapons in the game are a little misrepresented, Your text was mostly about the realities of close combat and evolution of it. I happen to agree, mostly with what you said, but that's not exactly relevant to the game, or it's problems. Well, not much. I
  5. Revan


    Dude. Really. If it's to hard for you to understand obvious jokes, I probably can't help you. I praised Devs throughout my post several times, and didn't a single time said anything against them personally. I question their decisions - and even though I do so with some profanity and humor, I never questioned their motivation or devotion, since I love the game. But you yourself seem to be too thick for it, and I'm sorry for you. Neither can you understand or properly interpret my polemic with jekct1212 Who you for some reason call "someone who disagrees with me", not even both
  6. Revan


    It's okay, I didn't even thought it was actually condescending at all - maybe a bit unbased, since it seems you didn't read my article properly, but nothing criminal. I wonder who'd down vote my post though. Was I harsh? I tried to be a bit more pleasant in my last comment, did I fail? -2? Really?
  7. Revan


    I do not agree. It was a bit ranty, yes, but nothing about it was offensive, or at least not intended. I said many times that it's early access and the game is magnificent as a whole anyway. Those are just some annoying details, many of them - quite stupid for my taste, but I don't blame the Devs - nobody is secure of mistakes, especially so early in development. I just point them out - perhaps emotionally, but that's not forbidden here, and honestly, I tried to be as sincere as possible. I think it's good for sincerity sake alone. Hmm.. Where to begin with. You didn't
  8. Revan


    With Respect. I really don't have much to rant about since it's an early access. However, I got a few questions on weapons diversity and unit's ability to use them. First thing I'd like to ask this. Why Sharps rifles are only available for sharpshooters? That's really not fair. I understand that they indeed were predominantly used by sharpshooters, but that doesn't mean it can't be used by infantry. I mean, come on. You made Henry and Spencer repeating rifles, even Colt revolver rifle available for line infantry, but sharps breech loader is no good? How come? You can equip your army wit
  9. Раньше долгое время к игре у широкой публики доступа не было, или была возможность несколько раз, но потом кончалась. Теперь игра в стиме, и её можно купить всем. Хотя по прежнему, ранний доступ, альфа и т.п. Вопрос: раньше, была информация, что после конца теста, весь прогресс профиля скинется, как и при большинтсве тестов. Чего ждать сейчас? Если я куплю игру сейчас, и начну качать профиль, потеряю ли я прогресс после того как закончится альфа, или даже после нового патча, как спрашивали тут ранее? Честно говоря, я просто так и не понял, когда закрытый тест перешёл в открытый, и был
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