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  1. Why thank ye all for ye welcomes! I have followed the process to be invited to join the testers, and am looking forward (with baited breath) to their reply. I shall read up as much as I can in expectation, but ye may find some embarrassingly simple questions from me, as I am not in any way an experienced gamer/simulater (if there is such a word?!).
  2. "In sea language, what is meant by a ship?" The term Ship is used in classical nautical terms to describe a particular rig of a vessel. A fully-rigged ship is a three-masted vessel thT is square-rigged on all three masts, or on three masts of a vessel with more than three. Beneath the square sail(s) on the mizzen mast will be the spanker (commonly a gaff sail) which is a fore and aft sail used to help balance the sail rig and ease weather helm. Square sails, by the way, are called such due to them setting square to the ship (athwartships) as apposed to fore and aft sails that set in line wit
  3. Dear fellow seamen, I am very new here, and not used to forums. I am, however, an experienced Master of "real life" classic sailing vessels and would love to have the opportunity to assist in testing. Is there any way in which I am able to gain access from the wonderful fun you all seem to be having sailing your e-vessels? I have been looking for a project like this for years, and feel I will be able to spend many an hour on land enjoying myself back at sea! I wish you all well, and invite you to visit my gallery of the "real" 500 year old carrack I am building, and I extend it to a physica
  4. Captain Kelly

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