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  1. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Hostility Reset every 7 days instead of 1

    Personally, I find the proposal by redii in principle correct. In this context, I would like to draw attention to other aspects. There is currently dissatisfaction with the fact that it is difficult to attack ports that are in enemy time zones. The problem is that you do not have to mobilize your people only once in impossible times, but you have to do that twice. Once for the Hostility and the second time for the Portbattle. If the hostility does not have to be set up at once, since it will be reset to 0 in the next downtime, clans could increase the hostility in smaller increments with much less effort. Even single-player players could increase hostility in one day, and many players could do the rest the next day. However, for the defenders of a port not to stand idly by as the hostility slowly rises, I would be in favor of introducing defense missions. These missions are nothing more than hostile missions for the attacker. The goal of these missions is to lower hostility again. Through this possibility of mutual influence, an interaction between attacker and defender would take place. In addition, his proposal would also have advantages for very small clans or single players who are otherwise hardly able to significantly influence the hostility within the 3 hours. By redii his suggestion could also try a single player to increase in a more remote area, the hostility, so that's exactly what the admin feared. Because the hostility is on the wrong side of the world because it may only grow in smaller steps, no one takes these occurrences seriously ... until suddenly a portbattle appears there. Likewise, single players or small clans could fight for their country by fighting such small hostility defense missionaries so the big clans do not have to worry about it. It should also be remembered that newcomers have a great opportunity to level through these missions and at the same time have the feeling that" I'm doing something for my country". As a lieutenant they would already be an important part of the war effort of their own country. Dear @DEVS, i really think this suggestion of redii is something that you should take the time to think about. (translate by Google, sorry) @rediii, gut gemacht
  2. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Price of the Night Timers

    Yes, that should make you think that I knew long before you, what is currently happening. In addition, I still decide myself on whose side I fight for the fatherland. I do not need any instructions from people who make contracts with pirates. /RP off
  3. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Price of the Night Timers

    A Prussian who leaves the nation because he loses ports does not deserve to sail under this proud flag.
  4. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Death to the non-believers

    Every time something in the game gets out of balance, you demand a change of the game. Maybe you should just change 50% of the players. Thanks to the help of HAVOC, Bitanien is making a lot of friends right now. Just wait a little bit of time.
  5. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Are Doubloons only loaded once per day?

    I think it's good that building a Ship of Line is more difficult for a single person, because I prefer games that offer content that's easier to handle in a community. It is not impossible to build such big ships, only it takes longer for individuals.
  6. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Nun dieses sich "Selbstbeweihräuchern", diese oft persönlichen Auseinandersetzungen zwischen zwei und mehr Spielern gehören einfach zum Alltag eines Spieles, wo gekämpft wird, wo man dem anderen etwas "kaputt macht", wo Reiche aufsteigen und auch wieder vergehen. Ich denke, dem sollte man nicht zu viel Bedeutung beimessen, sondern es als zusätzlichen Unterhaltungsfaktor betrachten. Es wird nicht so heiß gegessen wie es gekocht wird, Ich denke es ist viel zu früh, dass Spiel Zu Grabe zu tragen.
  7. Hellmuth von Mücke

    It's Time to Sail

    That sounds pretty good, but I think until the release, there will not be much change in the numbers of players. I hope we can get started soon. Will be an interesting time right after the release.
  8. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Trading update patch - coming soon.

    Until I can test the Partch properly, that certainly sounds like a new challenge. Thanks for that
  9. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Pirate Localization

    Sehr schön Banished
  10. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    If you enjoy this. Until Prussia was introduced, I fought for a long time as a German on the side of Spain. I still remember the days when Spain had only 4 cities on the north coast of Cuba. Even then, the great Spanish clans refused peace, because they had no supply problems due to their alts. I liked the Spaniards for their pride and their indomitable attitude, but after watching ULTRA and other Spanish players leave their nation, I have my doubts. I hope the Spaniards fight for their place in the Caribbean.
  11. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    As a Catholic and a friend of Spain, I would like Spain to reflect more on its proud traditions than complaining about low numbers of players or the attack of many enemies to explain the current situation. I think many nations have to deal with the same problems. There is certainly no specific Spanish problem. Especially since the headline for this thread is about the future and not the past.
  12. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Maybe Spain should learn to make peace with the British first. Otherwise it could happen that Spain will not dominate much more than its start cities.
  13. Hellmuth von Mücke

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    But that would not be a good solution, what should then our PvP heroes post in their "I'll celebrate myself, because I have sunk 5 newcomers alone" thread. Officially, the thread has the name "duel/small battles". I also do not think that the above example is a case for the Tribunal, although it just as happened, as described by the thread creator. In three years of beta, friendships have been formed, which also endure across nations. It is not clear to me why friends can not fight against each other, but this certainly requires a certain degree of human maturity or a certain attitude to the game or the other players outside my clan.
  14. I do not think it makes sense to reduce the maintenance costs for ports and timers, because the costs are already no longer a real problem. Before the change, many port owners had a problem to maintenance their ports. I know clans who were permanently in the minus for maintenance. If you lower the maintenance costs even further, these costs are not even worth it to take some money out of the game. Complete agreement... -Add feature allowing lockdown of ports by clans (giving access to port resources only to the clan who owns the port) + maybe adding docking fees. (A white list for people who can trade in the harbor would be desirable) If the DEVS ever have the time and interest to rework the pirate faction, I would suggest that the pirate faction is the only nation exempt from this rule. Although they can not set contracts, but they can not be completely excluded from trading. (Pirates as the classic smugglers!)
  15. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Empty sea

    Although I do not play NA at the moment, that's not the patch and the new challenges. Actually, the opposite is the case, these new challenges motivate me immensely. A working economy with the ultimate goal of building a larger number of battleships will be what will motivate me after a release as a dealer. The only reason that keeps me from playing at the moment is the fact that I do not want to spend my time if I read tomorrow in the forum, the game will be released on January 15th. If the DEVS already publish fairly accurate technical timetables for the release, I get the impression that this release can not be that far away. If this is not the case, then it would be a pretty big stupidity of the DEVS, as it is still quiet in any game that I know shortly before the release. This is not a World of Warship where I can have instant fun at the push of a button and where it does not matter when the DEVS press the reset button. In its current form, building a functioning economic system requires a lot of planning and effort to get specific components to build large ships. I therefore prefer to spend my time on the PvE server to find cheap places to restart and to gain more experience of the new economic system. One final word about the PvP / RvR. Even if someone repeats it every day, it does not get any more true that the new patch made it impossible to do PvP. You can also sink each other after the patch every day. You have with the DLC ships good ships for PvP, and to push a button is the only job you must do. The only difference is that the use of large ships entails much more risks. So do not permanently tell that PvP is no longer possible, but say how it is. You no longer get thrown off your battleships and are now dissatisfied because you can no longer sink everything and everyone with your speed-fitted Bellona. Because even your speed-fitted Bellona could catch it and then you have to take the trouble to get a new speed-fitted Bellona. I used to push a button and it was already there. Personally,Before the Patch i had the money for 57 x Ocean (market price 4 million) and was able to skip the button 5 times in LT and had 5 new Oceans. Some thought it was great, it just bored me. I wish DEVS to stand firm and give the new system a chance after a hopefully upcoming release. Then there is still the chance to turn the set screws to mitigate the difficulty in one area or the other. Sorry for my Google-English