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  1. You cheated to ensure you could gain control of a valuable port without any risk to yourself
  2. Do you have proof of these people saying "I am an alt of ........"?
  3. joining port battles to prevent another player using the slot? It is EXACTLY the same in this case How is this different?
  4. Admission of being an somebody's alt is an offence as already stated by the devs. Using an alt to deny RvR is an offence. Where is the confusion here?
  5. You are being very selective of which parts of the tribunal post you choose to defend, I suspect in an attempt to confuse the issue and draw the devs attention away from the rules that have been clearly broken
  6. Admission of being someone's alt is within itself an offence, use of an alt to to deny RvR in this manner itself is an offence
  7. At the end of the day the Tribunal is not about the circumstances of the port of the history behind it. It is about the blatant breach of the rules and the admission of those breaches by those accused. I hope @admin and @Ink remember this fact when making their decision.
  8. Where the "owners" of the port using the funds generated from it to attack the Dutch? No they were transferring the money to Dutch players who used it to attack the British
  9. It was ZERO people when you guys took it in the first place becasue your new lackys abused a mechanic to prevent any players joining the battle to defend the port. We have even included a screenshot of it being admitted to.
  10. How did we force YOU to do anything? It wasn't YOUR port. It was not a DUTCH port therefor as a DUTCH player it is not YOUR responsibility to defend it.
  11. You can't defend a port with ZERO people either so how is what your new lap dogs did any different?
  12. Many of us prefer to hunt alone so taking a fast tagger isn't always an option but I understand what you are saying. I just don't think we should be encouraging the group mentality further
  13. What Joernson says is correct (On this occasion, not every time)
  14. Tell me, except in there VERY rare case, where is the risk for the group that only engages with a 4 to 1 advantage? All a change like that would do is make life more rewarding for the gankers and even harder for the gankees. You are however right in claiming it will increase PvP risk, and do you know what increased PvP risk ALWAYS leads to? Increased group sizes.
  15. Avoiding a PB by attacking the people raising hostility is a perfectly valid strategy yes. Avoiding a PB by using ridiculous timers and only attempting to take ports at times when you know the defenders are sleeping is not so.
  16. can't be done like that in a foreign port
  17. As the title says, Combats news doesn't show anything today
  18. @admin AI doesn't "cheat"? The one I captured in the final exam had CHARGE loaded on the stern carronades! I can understand buffing their hp and reload etc. But they should be subject to the same game limitations as players.
  19. And hull hits doesn't actually mean I hit the hull? Sail hits doesn't mean I actually hit the sails? A registered crew hit just means he saw the ball go past and just got a little shaken up? So the bits of wood coming from the masts when the ball hits were not splinters but in fact chaff designed to distract the ball?
  20. If a mast hit is registered then it penetrated did it not?
  21. How many mast hits would you say are needed to take one of their masts down? Because in the endurance exam, 60+ didn't do it and that was a Brig Also please explain to me how I am supposed to seperate the enemy when the faster ship refuses to pass the slower ship? A As you can see the ship in front has heavily damaged sails. BUT everytime the ship gets to the point of over taking the ship in front it drops its sails to down down and never overtakes. If you ask me, the second ship does NOT look like it is being sailed by a combat orientated captain! And much like a major
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