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  1. A day of celebration! The attrition of EU nation players is soon over. It will be a better server in the end, don't worry you are not locked out from the server, you can still play.. You reap what you sow US, clearly your RvR players exit will not be felt, cause when you are flipping we are sleeping - no one can defend as US is the only nation in US time-zone. Your allies who are all EU nations can and will still defend you in EU primetime, but if you wanna participate in PB on EU server, better get accustomed to weekend PB's. If you begin to miss fighting empty PB's, you can do in
  2. This german dude made some pretty cool relevant vids many here would like. Here is one of them:
  3. You did get 25 to La Vega on a Friday, the only weekend attack from US since mid december =) 2 months soon. I think you are a lying little bird, but again no surprise. =)
  4. Did I ask you to apologize? No. Only think I ask for is timers and in this process, both in-game and here US showed grieving/trolling response and gameplay. Did you seek RvR only in workday only to deliberately flip against no resistance? Yes. Did you start fake attacking workdays when you saw us defend, to tire us out of defending ports? Yes. Did you call us every mean/diminishing name in the book when we dared saying something is wrong with night-flips, when only one nation is US based? Yes. And you cannot apprehend this fact. We can be happy that every other nation tha
  5. Aww, was the declaration of victory not the cherry of the nightflip? Dear Americans, Gods of Nightflips. Accept your fate, when timers return you have burned every bridge. Sweden don't like you anymore, you also nightflipped them, Spain you insult more than anyone and the danish well. Zergs will eventually forget you and Spain will be at your door. And so will we, contesting your ports in US timezone in weekends, staying up late. Real effort to take a port will again be the dish, not dirty basecapping against no opponents. The game will be playable again for all EU factions opposing yo
  6. Guess you went back to flip it anyways ^^ You sure change your minds fast. But im sure it's just more rouge clans, like all the fake attacks at Savannah, right
  7. Pain points to be solved: 1. Reintroduce timers on ports, defender can set 6 hour window until a better dynamical solution can be made. EU and US times simply cannot coexist due to low activity in EU workdays, where US have prime-time and can take all ports. The entire alliance of Swedish, Spanish, Danish and French say this is a problem that must be addressed before anyone on our side gives a damn about ports. Look at US, we let them take it all, no one can defend when they only attack worknights 3AM. Im sure you understand. only one nation has an entirely different timezone than the res
  8. "Dear devs im a Dutch player. I see no problem whatsoever because I am on same side as US. The danish just need to organize better and recruit people from all over ze world like we do, really no problem, move along please". Stop that Does not solve a problem when all other nations on the server is EU primetime based, except US.
  9. "when you were winning/abusing" oh please.. We have 1 US nation rest is EU. If you cannot wrap your head around the issue, then don't even try mate. "you picked your own alliance" is not valid, when only one nation is US zoned. Hostility system, PB generation and everything is new. You cannot compare to past events. The entire alliance of ours are saying no to this night flip and base cap. 4 nations say no, like DK-NO did in the beginning. Timer will come back, thanks to US - keep nightflipping, do more empty PB's and basecap, declare more hilarious victories of EU nations and keep
  10. I know. In both cases, I must refer to the third meme. EDIT: I refer to third meme in case of the following regions/ports: Savannah, La Vega, Santo Domingo, Pampatar and Cumana. Just to be clear.
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