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  1. Another professional response Admin. Awesome at you.. !! I double down on why so many have stopped playing this potentially great game. Talk to the hand..
  2. This should provide enough data for those who are wondering why so many quit the game.... "Admin" seems to lack real "people skills" and the ability to respond to a question or (whine) with professionalism. So sad. Could have been a Great game.
  3. And the same few trolls offering their useless 2 cents. Move on. Nothin to see here.
  4. Sirs, What is the process if your character name on Global is the same name as that on Caribbean?
  5. I guess someones mommy forgot to give them their meds today. Dude quit trolling the forums.
  6. I like the ideas being discussed here and hopefully the devs will think about something else besides PVP oriented thinking and massaging the egos of the elite hardcore "PVP ONLY FOREVER" tribe. Keep it up.
  7. Just a sad state when you feel you need to do this. You are broken as well as the game. Nuf Said.
  8. And.. as usual.. sorry hijacks a thread that was otherwise entertaining.
  9. I like the wind strength thought for affecting different classes of ships. It will add realism and immersion that is currently missing. Chasers, I would like to see something like, no normally mounted chasers. If you have a ship that will allow a chaser being moved to the bow, have the game mechanic of selecting an action in battle that has your crew move one or two guns to the bow. It should take some time, not instantly, 5 minutes or such. Would add more realism and would allow you to select that if you so choose but would not be instantly available when a battle started.
  10. Arrrrggg!! My Shameless Bump be more shameless than yars gallow bait... http://ftsgaming.net/
  11. So, pirates, you haven't joined yet??? What are you waiting for........ The most fun you have ever had with your clothes on....
  12. Heck, why not go for broke.. Have periods of dead calm, no wind. Even in battle. See what realistic is. Maybe you can use some of your crew to tow your ships... Tis all I got...
  13. Shame on you Grapeshot for thinking this failure of a thought would pass muster of the elite few forum maestros. You are obviously trolling them with your rant. I say shame. shame..
  14. Seeing as it is multiple instances of the same issue, basically at the same time, I would think NA would take it upon them selves to resolve instead of a bunch of us reporting via another mechanism. Just thinking out loud.
  15. Same issue at 1:55 pm EST. Cannot log in.. Cannot get past the Steam select character and start menu I select my character and press start and sit... waiting...waiting... waiting... etc.. The Exit key is the only item that works. . Tried multiple reboots and checking background programs for interference. Nothing seems to resolve.
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