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  1. This sounds more like an ad (imo) since there was a cost. There was also a "free" version that was offered (and I tried) but popup said, "This app cannot run on this PC." even though it's a W-8.1 that was a version shown as one it would work on.
  2. I guess it matters not, it worked! I can now use a broadside for the 1st time. Thank you, Sir! And thank you Henry and Prater for your thoughts and effort as well. <Salute>
  3. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it as you suggested, but still no broadside, aimed or not.
  4. Please tell me what resetting my controls will do, or at least why. I did, and nothing changed because I haven't made any changes.
  5. That's only thing I haven't tried but should have. Not much on tech ability with computers but probably will go smooth enough. And thank you. I'll post the results when I get to it. The only time I've been sunk or left a battle can be directly laid on the lap of not being able to use the broadside. At least I'd like to think so. lol p.s. Thanks for the unintended 1st line chuckle.
  6. Sorry Henry and Prater, as I said. I am well aware of the commands. I wish it was that simple. I would simply use those commands and BOOM, a broadside. Unfortunately, as I wrote, I have used those commands in every possible combination for a net result of zero. Unless of course one considers frustration a welcome result. I don't know of a better way to say it gentlemen, there is no combination of click or key commands that will provoke a broadside from any ship I have sailed. That is what is at issue here and what I am asking help for. Unless it is a rank issue.
  7. I've been playing the game for almost a month and haven't used the broadside on anything yet. From what I've read and picked up on the help chat, unaimed broadsides requires the [ & ] together. So I tried it in and out of aim mode, just the [ key in and out of aim mode, and the ] key in and out of aim mode. From what I've read and picked up on the help chat, aim mode needs the left mouse to give the broadside. So just reread the above but replace [ & ] with left mouse. Well that's where I am and any suggestions will be appreciated. Then again, I may simply be doing something wrong
  8. I can see the benefit of knowing what ship you are approaching, and the gaming of recognizing what's out there and their names. No doubt that after a time, players can identify ships at a glance. Ships at a distance have no identification except ones own judgment through the glass until the ship are closer and the name appears. Given that, a tiered system could actually work. At distance, like now, no identification but one's own experience. At a certain distance the type of ship or class. And finally after some closing, the name of the ship. Of course, the use of a glass should advance th
  9. I've been invited and while waiting for the link, I'll be looking forward to meeting the members of the game.
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