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  1. Hello. When I try to join the PvP server I get the following message after 10 minutes: Connection Error: Connection. Altough sometimes I get the message "authentication error: userid received from steam is empty". My internet connection is good, I have no problem playing more demanding FPS games with my internet and computer. I have been given the solution that I should restart steam, which I have done numerous times and I have also tried re-logging into steam. I have tried restarting my computer a few times. I have inactivated the windows firewall, I have no ports blocked on my c
  2. IMO they kinda fook'd up by having the most popular amounts of money in donation being restricted to 400 or so.
  3. Eyy, Hornblower was a crucial part in my hype for this game, too! What nation do you plan to sail for?
  4. Whenever I start up Naval Action and go fight my first OW battle after the startup of the game the loading screen freezes for like 30 seconds, then for half a second loads the battle then goes back to the log-in screen, after which I try again everything works. This has never happened after the first battle.
  5. Well, "small battles" only need 6 people as far as I am aware, so it's not unrealistic to have like six people turn up every day for a small event.
  6. Yeah, there should be like one Small Battle at a specific time that both Americans and Europeans can attend every day.
  7. Today's Traf was really fun, must be one of my most fun/epic gaming experiences ever.
  8. wot Couldn't you just have disengaged? You're in the faster ship.
  9. Try pressing the Home button on your keyboard, you might have gotten into the free camera mode, which is activated by pressing Home.
  10. Yeah, in Open World the figure head does also go into the ship.
  11. After buying the Mercury, I saw the stern looked a bit dull while in Open World. Then, after I looked inside, I spotted the missing detail: This only happens in OW, in-battle the stern is as beatiful as a stern could be. Gus
  12. bloody great guide mate, gonna choose the royal navy, fits me right down me alley EDIT: wanted to pick tulips instead
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