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  1. Vovolov

    Floating debris

    Are you saying captains did not have to pay for repairs to their ships IRL? True, but would you prefer there be a limited amount of ships in the game and some admiralty distributing them to you based on your status as a noble and abilities as a captain? You have to set limits on just how realistic you want a game to be, but shooting a ship 'till it sinks and then boxes of magic loot popping out is a little too arcade-y in my book. There's games like Windward for that (which is really fun, but completely different). In the end it's all a matter of opinion anyway, but I sure hope we'll never see anything like it in-game.
  2. Vovolov

    Floating debris

    Exactly as it should be. You don't sink a ship and then hope the cargo floats.
  3. Vovolov

    Grape shot underpowered

    Yep, Grape shot is exceptionally powerful at the moment. Even without destroying planking, if your gundeck is above the enemy's deck, you can grape away crew pretty fast. With a destroyed stern, you can easily kill 100+ crew per rake against frigates and larger ships.
  4. Vovolov

    Ramming and Sinking...Really?

    Yeah, no. It's really not. The physics behind flipping ships is a little weird though.
  5. Vovolov

    Whats the point of the Suprise?

    The Surprise would be a lot more relevant if she could carry the 32pd carronades she carried historically. Nevertheless I prefer her over the frigate.
  6. Vovolov

    Pellew's Sights discussion

    Supposedly demasting became a lot harder in a previous patch (before I was around anyway) and I have never seen anything be demasted.
  7. Vovolov

    Pellew's Sights discussion

    I've always sailed with Fine Pellew's Sights so I'm not noticing a big difference - never really tried without Pellew's Sights, they just seemed to be too good (from the description) to pass up. I'll definitely start testing it now though.
  8. Vovolov

    Outposts and warehousing

    Of course, was just kidding. An upgradeable warehouse would be fantastic.
  9. Vovolov

    Restoration of durability.

    By no durabilities we mean you lose the ship when it sinks. Once. Gone.
  10. I think a good solution might be a combination of timer and distance. Within a certain distance (say a 1000 yards), you can never escape, the enemy is simply too close. When you get outside that circle you can escape once a timer has run its course (which is reset when you get hit (shouldn't matter if it's the sails or hull and whether or not the shot was damaging, because either way it means you're still able to engage the enemy effectively)).
  11. Vovolov

    Outposts and warehousing

    You could always hulk some trading ships and use them to store goods.
  12. Vovolov

    Boarding changes feedback.

    Just slow down boarding (lower the kills per round) - it will still be more lucrative in every way if you succeed and seize a ship, but it should take longer. Also, make crew losses permanent untill you dock back up at port. I believe this would fix a lot of the chain ram-boarding.
  13. Vovolov

    First top quality renommée

    That's one hell of a Renommee. Very envious.
  14. Vovolov

    Restoration of durability.

    Isn't the crafting system very much a WIP? I expect there is still plenty of room for adaptation and development. After all, that's what the game is in testing for, so we can try and test different systems and report back our opinions and suggest changes.