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  1. Game too addictive... So good...why?

  2. Admin, how about closed ports on trader ships to address my other thought. And i understand why flags in open world would be a problem. Thanks for considering my suggestions.
  3. Trader ships should have their ports closed. I also think that flags should be flown not just in combat, but also while sailing around.
  4. If I could choose a name for my Vessel it would be: 'Glory'. This name implies that I take some pride in my vessel and that It will bring further Glory to the Crown! I had a Frigate in Civ V that i renamed to glory and it singlehandedly took out my enemy's entire navy. Tis' a good name for a ship, and a lucky name as well. -Douglas Vrooman
  5. IDK if a system has been implemented yet, however If i was in a brig and all of a sudden an unfriendly 100+ gun first rate decided to attack me, I'd flee! Is there an outrun option for Naval Action? I haven't been able to play the game as of right now.
  6. When a Ship sinks crew attempting to escape in lifeboats would be a nice little touch
  7. I have be thus far unsuccessful at obtaining the game, but when i can I would love to see this tiny feature added: Custom nameplates to be added to the back of a ship where you can type in a name for your vessel.
  8. Need Naval Action :o

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