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  1. robert e. lee had around 53k troops at cold harbour and lost under 1000
  2. canon is dirkete fire and mortar is indirkete fire
  3. stern and bow are the place where all ships are the weakest, a frigate can beat SoL if it can keep hitting stern ore bow
  4. we need that ship in game
  5. it is a nother ship, for denmark and sweden there are ships there share names
  6. if Magazine get hit it will explode, but there are protectet whit a layer of woood like the side of ship
  7. pirats and ships with other nations flag dont go near them
  8. you forgot Sweeden and Denmark on your diagram, not only that denmark has ship in all class
  9. i think that is is up to the captain to deside what armarmnet hi whants on his ship, but there shout be a consequences to over arm the ship. Like canons break free from the binding and there for lost along whit the crew maninge the canon
  10. pirates left sometimes 1 crew man there had broken the pirates code, hi was marroned whit his pistol whit only 1 shot and no food and water
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