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  1. Just to clarify, Does this mean that all the new players that buy Naval Action from Steam will also get Yachts before the end of the weekend as long as they create a Character? The Ingermanland and Niagara by any chance?
  2. Thanks for letting us know. I have always wondered what was going on with the Gunboat ever since I first heard about it.
  3. Thank you for allowing many dreams to come true. May Naval Action continue to live and prosper for many more years! Huzzah!
  4. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3750-list-of-ships-and-other-vessels-in-the-game/
  5. A PVE server is not bad. It separates the people that just want to kill Ai and do the game solo from the people that want to fight other players and participate with groups ect....
  6. All I know is that if ship names will be added at some point there must be an HMS Eagle! As Bart said it should be left after full release as the devs have more important things to work on in the meantime. Also I agree that if they are added at some point it should be heavily restricted but I don't think a list is necessary because the restrictions should be more than enough if they are done right on top of that I hope that the Naval Action player-base is mature enough not to have foul names for their ships.
  7. GoldenEagleLeader

    Medium Ships

    All Medium Ships currently in Naval Action. EDIT: No longer updating this list
  8. In POTBS they have an option to limit the crew size that you see on the deck of your ship so why not have the same option in Naval Action where you can limit the crew size you see to correspond with your own computer?
  9. For the most part I totally agree with this however making it DAYS to craft a ship is crazy in my opinion and it would not attract casual players as the time you are proposing it to take is way to long. This does not mean I do not agree with making it more time consuming (and resource consuming) to build bigger ships but maybe instead of taking 15 days to craft a Santi what about 15 hours as an example?
  10. In regards to the 1 dura Sols I think it would be better if this only applied to 1st rates as constantly replacing a simple 3rd rate would be quite annoying and a waste of resources. At the same time 1 dura 1st rates make sense as they are the biggest and best ships in the game and should be used sparingly. Also if you were to sink or be captured in a 2nd or 3rd rate (or even 1st rate) during a Trafalgar then what is the point of even going in if you know that you are likely to die and lose the ONLY dura on your Sol? I personally think that Sols in Trafalgar's will prove to be very problematic in the future unless the devs make it so that you cannot lose duras in a Trafalgar battle or small battle.
  11. Furthermore the Niagra and Ingermanland have recently been given to all moderators and higher as a "thank you"
  12. I have touched on this one before and highly agree, it will make things much more immersive and generally nice to see (especially when it comes to explosions) I think if the devs do this right it can work out but if they do it wrong then it will end up that each time you get a slight fire you will not be able to control it. This would add a bit more to open world immersion and be very good for screenshot artists.
  13. Thank you so much for adding stern lights, it is just more icing on the cake that is Naval action!
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