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  1. I'm not sure why, cause it doesn't look like there were any graphical alterations with this patch, but thought I'd let you know... My Open World fps went from the high 60's to the 35-40 range. Havent tried a battle yet as I'm currently in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Just to chime my little opinion in. Switching nations without any downside is a bad idea. Someone wants to switch nations for a valid reason, sure. But it should have some sort of time limit or penalty.
  3. you need to drop the persecution complex. its disrupting a reasonable and healthy conversation.Edited out a reference that the response to was removed, in the interest of fairness.
  4. Greetings Captains, My fingers are getting tired answering this question in the help channel, so I'm creating this so I can link to it. You can no longer enter other people's admiralty missions. Your options: Get your own mission from your nearest friendly port. (Third tab at the top of the port screen.) Your mission will appear as a cross swords icon on your map (m) When you are in the open sea, you can differentiate your mission from others by the elevation of the cross-swords. Yours will be slightly higher. You can still enter Open World combats that are not mission instances. These require you to get there within 5 minutes before the battle is closed. You could also attack trading ships of your own nation that are "carrying contraband goods" without penalty. These are good targets to get started with, as they will rarely fight back. You may also attack any ship of any other nation but your own, but make sure you can take it. Good luck and smooth sailing, Catfish Quinn
  5. Sure thing, I'll let you know when I lock it in. Private messaging is, of course, available for the descreet.
  6. Ahoy mateys, I'm looking to relocate. The bahamas seems to be a good place to operate if I want to be safe and play the national game. I don't want to play safe or play the national game. Wondering if there are any small groups operating elsewhere, say the coast of Belize or the southern islands/coasts? Cheers, Catfish
  7. Where in my original post do I tell someone how they should play? Pretty sure I was asking a question... ie, how do you think pirates should play?
  8. Ahoy Captains, So, after a, um... falling out with the good ole U S of A, I've found myself flying the ol' Jolly Roger (purely by choice, in reality, just hammin it up a bit.) Today, in chat, someone expressed dismay that another pirate was attacking a pirate. Someone said pirates shouldnt attack pirates. I said "Don't tell me what to do, I'm a pirate" and a conversation (of sorts) ensued. To my surprise, I was in the vast minority and was threatened with being kos and not being a team player yada yada yada (i was quite civil, I assure you;) So, my question: Are we pirates or are we a nation that has a black flag? All this talk of being at war with the Brits to the south and the Americans to the north, rallying people together to defend lost causes.... That doesnt sound like a pirate to me. Working together in small groups, scoping out and taking out American and British supply ships, going after a lone trader only to get beaten to it by another pirate, then sinking that pirate 'cause that was your damned trading ship, and, yes, on a rare occasion, joining together in large groups to take a Limey's city; these things sound like being a pirate, to me. What's yer thoughts? If you don't agree with me, let me know why. If you do agree with me, let me know if you want to sail together sometime. Regards, Catfish (ignore the signature... gotta scrub that thing off.)
  9. Greetings Devs and Captains, Just wanted to express my disagreement with the current pirate ranks. We aren't all evil. Many pirates just desire freedom from the status quo. Sure, we may kill a few people to gain that freedom... maybe one or two here and there cause they looked at us wrong, but... demon? Devil? The others aren't horrible, but for the top ranks I don't really want to be known as Demon Catfish (although that does have a certain ring to it.) I want to be a Captain. Famous pirates were always Captains. I don't really have suggestions to replace some of the more fantastical names, but I have seen lots of posts with suggestions that I feel fit the theme better. Just my two bits of gold. Cheers, Captain Catfish Quinn
  10. Ink you're my Hero. I did, in fact, have teamspeak overlay running. Turning that off has so far resolved the problem. 3 cheers, my man.
  11. I don't think I'm using the Overlay. I have overwolf but Im not using it. I'm trying to find an indication that overlay is active and I dont see it in any of the settings. So, I just tabbed over here to write this response and when I went back to my Naval Action client it crashed on me again. Could be related. Oh wait, no...the reason it crashed was because I opened Teamspeak to check to see if I had the overlay... lol. Definitely caused by TS again.
  12. Just sent another report. Number is NAS-85580
  13. I am using teamspeak 3. Is there a way to find the number? I didnt write it down. I can send another one though.
  14. Greetings Captains, I'm encountering a pretty frustrating error. My game runs fine. Yeah. Beautiful sea, pretty lights in my Yacht's cabin etc etc. Except when I try to talk to my guildies on teamspeak. Then, it crashes. Instantly. Every time. If I have teamspeak running and I launch naval action, white screen then instant client.exe stopped responding. If I get all the way into game and then try to launch teamspeak... insta crash. I have verified files. I have reinstalled entirely. I have played around with my monitor settings (I am running surroundx or whatever the geforce multi monitor thing is called.) Completely going back to just a one monitor setup doesnt help. I'm not sure what else to try. I've sent the crash report via steam and everything. Any thoughts? Catfish
  15. Just to clarify, do we still login the same way? No new client being released as this is a steam release, but still Beta, ya?
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