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  1. So, I just came back to naval action after a long brake of, id say atleast 4 months. What is the general situation of the economy? Can I still earn money by making runs between producing and consuming ports?
  2. Kaaru its not so much the ramming mechanics (although they still need tweaking) its the capsizing of ships, i can easily run onto the stern of a cutter and sink him within a minute, only taking minor damage in return because he has no stern chasers and the flooding caused by ramming is very small. For example if you want to take a trader with an escort, you usually have to waste your time on the escort and the trader escapes. What this lets you do is fire at the trader, thus resetting his timer, then ramming ontop off the escort, quickly sinking it, then hurry after the sail damaged trader. Thats all fine tactics, but what about against players? A basic cutter is just as easy to capsize as a lynx or even a Yacht. Ofcourse the player will not sit still like the AI does, but still it can be hard to counter.
  3. Errh more than 1000 guys waiting to get into the game (all servers on maintenance except PvP 1)
  4. My favourite tactic against light vessels like cutters is ramming them, and then turning them upside down But is this realistic? Would you really be able to ram ships, then grind your way onto their stern, and then tip them over? And even if it is realistic, is it fair? I have rammed countless people now, and it seems they find it unfair, sinking their ship just by ramming them. Is this supposed to change? maybe damage models for ramming, like breaking through the targets side or something, but not starting a ship-sumo-war. Jasper PS: I tried to place the photo in the post, but i kept getting: "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." So I placed it in the attached files. But now it is really small so if you want to see it bigger go to the imgur page: http://imgur.com/MChFXve
  5. So constantly attacking the french capital in a basic cutter is not allowed?
  6. Atleast I can PLAY the game, thats all I need. Bad graphics and fps? So what, this game looks so good; I would play at 5 fps if needed Thanks for helping me, now I can purchase the game and enjoy it (even if that is at 5 fps)
  7. Memory: 4096 MB Ram Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40GHz Name: Latitude 3540 Manufacturer: dell Inc. Approx. Total Memory: 1696MB (sorry, if I knew a bit more about computers this would not have taken up so much space in this thread >.<)
  8. Windows 7 Intel® HD Graphics Family (sorry I do not know alot about the internal stuff in my computer, and I had no idea what would be needed for you guys to determine if I could play) Thanks
  9. I would really like to play this game. But I do not know if I have DX11 :/ Is there a way to find out if I do, and if I do not, how can I get it? PC: latitude 3540 64 Bit Intel® Core i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40GHz RAM: 4GB Hope I can play the game, but I need to be sure before I buy it for Xmas Jasper
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