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  1. propose the alteration of ships to add bow and/or stern chasers at cost to structure...etc.. or broadside loadout
  2. Bugs in New Software/ Hardware
  3. Mid-day Update? instead of Pew Pew its Que Que
  4. perhaps a bit off topic Safe zones around Capitols ok: need to be smaller (my opinion) Save zones everywhere else Just like port battle timers if you want them Pay For Them... Thoughts?
  5. ping will be an issue for some players. would be nice if there was a way to tweek the server.
  6. Correct me if im wrong.... Although i havent checked recently...Dosent Friendly Fire take away points::?? At Least NO FRENCH were involved
  7. the cutter was hit by shore batteries and enemy fire it does need to be fixed or adjusted
  8. OK Patch-- is like Band-Aid Wipe-- uses paper in a totally different way ;p
  9. when Leviathan and I took out Sea Wolf and SureShot in a 2v2 battle in our Connies
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