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    Hi all Shanks redhaired / monkey d luffy / zion man here God i QQ when i hear all these glorious things about potbs ( just rerolled 3 weeks ago , but found out all my good friends are missing and are here in these forums ) So guys add me up on steam zionman98 . And hopefully we get to play together in naval action ( altho i need a KEY ) . Anyways potbs is still there tho , its rlly easy to get back into it . and theres 6v6's and pb's not always 24v24 but it happends . i lvl'd my NO to 50 in 3-5 days with ez . and bought all pvp stuff from the ah ( no more need for grinding due burning sea notes ) . Anyways while we all wait for naval action lets get a revamp in POTBS and have a few last months of epic action . Greetz , Zion !! ( matured zion even )
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