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  1. @admin Would it be hard/time consuming to have one of your artist draw all the letters, to your liking, and create your own font(s)?
  2. I would really love to see those 4 ships allowed in shallow waters, that would bring some love to those ships that we no longer get to see too often.
  3. Is it possible to have a setting in options to chose not to have confirmation windows? Have them on by default, let the player know it is safer for him to have them on, but a more experienced/confident user will be able to opt out of the extra click windows.
  4. ah ok, I thought it was only the reals that were increased, thank you for the clarification.
  5. I feel like the rewards from chests are really strong, maybe too strong. I got a lot of "rare" books, maybe it was just rng luck, but I would rather see mainly modules as rewards and the occasional knowledge book for loot. Chests are easy to obtain with the missions, modules get lost a lot in pvp.
  6. I would like the new tab/window that you open to always open on top instead of in the back of the other opened windows. 2018-09-26 16-46-48.mp4
  7. Will there be an option to scale the ui or the text size? This is a lot of space used to tell me what it is and how many I have, the square icon in current live server tells the same info in 1/5 of the screen space. Maybe a "use small icons" type option?
  8. First impression, if you play on a smaller resolution (1600*900 in this case) The text seems too large and some of the windows take too much place. http://prntscr.com/kz0sc3 Edit :seems like someone pointed the same thing about that big window.
  9. GreasyMnky

    Stern rake and damage model

    In even battles I would agree that stern raking is usually not the best, but I often get to fight bigger ships then the one I sail (lets face it, I like smaller ships) stern camping and raking allowed me to win the fight more than a few times.
  10. GreasyMnky

    Chain shot feedback

    I really like limited chain, it makes people think instead of spamming and will reward good maneuvers (both offensive and defensive)
  11. GreasyMnky

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    How about determined defender only effective if you have boarding prep up to 50+?
  12. GreasyMnky

    No delay tag bug

    After attack tag runs out of time, out of range, pressing Attack when back in zone = instant tag. https://clips.twitch.tv/NaiveFaintArugulaBudBlast
  13. GreasyMnky

    Chain shot feedback

    I like the new chains, using them at the right time and the right angle/distance has a potential to change the outcome of a fight, even more so than the double/charged shots.
  14. Yes it may be a concern, but I would consider keeping raiding, and would probably choose a ship that could keep going. The added risk might actually add to my game experience.