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  1. Definitely :3 I'm looking forwards to it, I've been looking for a good 1800's ship game for years. Thanks! While I was writing this I was looking forward to the flaws people would point out about my idea. Not all the islands would have to be scaled closer by the way. But I see your point, and from what others said. When I looked at a map of the Caribbean, it looks like it would be really difficult to rescale it in any way to where there wouldn't be some problem. So I'm sorry that I wasn't thinking so clearly when I wrote all of this, I've just been searching for a realistic ship game for a long time, hehe. Wow, a fictional redesign of the map with real ship speeds would be really nice, you're right! Though I don't think it would be rational of me to ask, hope, or expect for that. My main hope is that we get full manual sails and everything in the open world sailing control, and then the speed feeling would be fine. Also welcome to the forums, Nick, since you came in right after me :3 Yay, I can welcome new people now! Thank you very much! And I agree with you about the travel times being okay, I hear it can take ~3 hours to travel further distances. I'm just worried the ship might feel too light, and quick. I'm sure it wont be that bad though, I'm really looking forwards to trying the instanced sailing controls though. Also, goat island sounds neat! I'll try to look at it when I get my key. The first place I'll be going is Codrington, since I saw that area on an imgur page and it looked nice. Thanks for all of the replies so far everyone!
  2. Hi there, I decided to make my own topic about this to go in depth, using diagrams, about opinions against downscaling the map, and misconceptions as to why this would/would not work. As well as ship speed, and the sailing model in the open world mode. This is my first post, so I'll also say, hi there everyone, I'm Sacri! Nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing some opinions and suggestions. I'm not a very serious person but I'm going to try my best to be direct/straightforward and professional seeming, to help get my opinion across clearly and hopefully without being bothersome. I hope I do a good job! :3 Before talking about the topic: I recently purchased a key and haven't had a chance to personally play the game yet, although, from what I've seen so far, the ships in the open world go really fast. In my opinion, this is not a problem, but can definitely be improved. From the videos I've seen, it looks like the ships don't have manual sail adjusting and such, in the open world mode, which is my main problem with the game. But until I can personally try the game, I'll start talking about the world size stuff, and addressing some of the stuff I saw people saying in another topic. The topic The main problem is that (almost) every person that discusses this, wants to compromise one thing for the other, and the people that have had the solution that, in my opinion, is the best solution, it has been mis interpreted by everyone. The problem is that the current ship speed seems very unnatural, and fast, to make up for the world size being so large. And people all want different things as a solution (or some people like it how it is and don't want any solution, I'm sure). The solutions to this, that people have suggested so far, have been either to slow the ship down, and just put up with how long it would take (days at the most) to go from one point to another with a slow ship. The proper solution, that only one or two people have suggested, which is to scale the world to be smaller, has been mis interpreted by everyone that I've seen so far (I apologize if I'm wrong about this) The misconception The misconception most people seem to have when they read about peoples ideas to both lower the ship speed to a realistic value, as well as "shrink" or "downscale" the map, is that they think that the map is going to become a mini version of what it is now. In this diagram, assuming that the diagram explains the current game speed and map scale, we can see that it would take us 80 minutes to travel from Island 1, to Island 2. During 60 minutes of that travel time, you would not be able to see any island, but, if travelling with others, you would be able to see that your ships are going very unrealistically fast. And clearly, if we were just to lower the speed (half, for example, as in the diagram), it would make the travel time very difficult/long for a game, especially for people who don't have much time in their day for the extra time. So if we were to slow down the ship, and want to solve the time it takes now that we've done that, the solution would be to change the scale of the map. The misconception is that most people thinks this means that the size of an island would change, like so: The solution The solution is simply this: In conclusion, there is no real solution without a compromise, as well as how keeping the current fast-sailing speed is also a compromise, compromising realistic sailing to gain time, and not waste it. I'm sure there is a better middle ground though, with less compromise. But as far as I can see, because of the large coastline, I don't know if the community or the developers would want to do something like this. The map would be a little warped but from an in game sailing perspective everything would probably still be fine. Since I haven't yet gotten my key in the email, I don't know if this is the case, but as I said earlier, it looks on videos like we don't get a realistic sailing model (not talking about the speed) in the open world. So I feel like if the developers gave us the sailing model that lets us adjust our sails and everything else in the open world, but kept the speed how it is, it would also be nice. Anyway, thanks for reading, or skimming! I strained myself to sound distant and serious, so please don't think of me that way. I'm sorry if I'm wrong about some things, and I hope you guys liked my diagrams! (I don't think they're that good) ^-^ - Sacri
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