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    Potbs wasn't a terrible game. It was a great game with a very bad managed company in the background. The Devs were terrible, Admins were terrible, Community was absolutely awesome. I do miss this game A LOT. It was unique and I spent ....7 years or so on it? I loved the missions, I loved the sound, the music, the open sea(the sound of the ocean). To me, as a Naval fan, who loves history and nature, the game was somewhat magical, even though the graphics were pretty mediocre. But the Devs killed the game entirely. To me, after the account hack, the game was dead. Closing the Burningsea.com site, was an insanely bad descision. We all were active on the forums. All the bragging, hate, battlereports....it was emotional. The PvP was so good in this game, I can't even describe. The ganks, counter-ganks... 1v1, 1v2+ ,2v2, 5v5, 5v6, 6v6, Portbattles, you could have it all. You needed a strategy in PvP, you def. needed skill and know your ship,class whatever. That was unique. They closed the Burningsea site, got rid of OS diplomacy, the introduced awfully bad patches, they tweaked/nerfed ships according to cry-babies instead of listening to experienced players. My account got banned for 6 months, because I sank an admin, who then simply claimed I was modstacking, which clearly wasn't the case. Even though I provided pictures, logfiles etc. over weeks. I simply got ignored. This kind of behaviour messed me up. I loved everyone in this game, really. I had some 1vs1 where the battle lasted 1h+ and in the end both players killed each other with the final volley, how epic can a game be? I will surely get in touch with Naval Action, I haven't played it yet. Time will tell, when the moment comes =). So long Mo, aka Mauritius Hunter / Adolf Hunter (Roberts) and Purple Pink / Loolsius Rooflson (Antigua)
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