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    One Server for PVP

    Is this just due to the numbers?
  2. All gun ports were closed when under sail without a battle in the offing. They were generally opened only when running the guns out for a fight.
  3. Challenge

    One Server for PVP

    A score being 20, and PB being 25v25, there are at least three score people wanting PBs I think it can be a big econ driver as long as it isn't as it is now -- craft a 1st rate in one or two days. Join your clan/nation for a big fight; rinse and repeat every few days. They should be the culmination of a large effort by many people. Otherwise they're nothing special and you might as well be in the combat sim the devs are giving us. And why just for PBs? Fleet battles on the open sea can be just as entertaining. This isn't an empire building game neh?
  4. Challenge

    One Server for PVP

    And ruin it for many others. This is the one flaw in EVE Online in my opinion, but within its context it makes sense. It isn't the only model that makes things work, and the idea of the Clans being more like the Dutch East India Company fighting for control of resources makes more sense in a game with this historic setting. I don't think PBs should be ended by any means. I do, however, think they should be difficult to set up if territory is the prize. One of the issues that PB enthusiasts complain about is how they have to fight their way through screeners to get to the port and then deal with pursuers if they lose and have to sail home again. Why is that? I would think this would be more PVP -- isn't that what they want? Or is it just big fights with big ships? The devs have a solution for that, which doesn't have an effect on those of us in the OW. But to be more on topic... @OneEyedSnake The idea was floated before and came under considerable challenge from a wide group of players. PvPers in Europe and the US, Asia, Aus/NZ, and others commented unfavorably for a number of reasons. PvE players don't want to be relegated to a small section of the map, or to a Pacific coast with nowhere to sail -- they are in it to experience sailing, trading and fighting in the Caribbean. They just don't care for the cutthroat competitiveness of PvP. Many actually liked the idea of having the Gulf as a PvE zone so they could support and even participate in PvP battles. Many of those ideas, in your attitude, are dismissed. For example, just because your geography bears a similarity to the Himalayas don't think your infrastructure does. The lag from Texas sometimes gives me freezes and warps: not always, nor very bad, but I still get them. The distance from Colorado to Germany is 5,111 miles; from Australia it's 9,049: Even at the speed of light it will take twice as long for a ping to get there. It isn't necessarily a bad idea, just not a good one imo.
  5. Challenge

    Trading/Crafting in a PvP-only game

    What @Mulcaster said. If it is a resource needed for crafting anything it needs to be produced by players, not the AI. Even all those woods we aren't allowed to harvest currently. The 7th rates and light cannon used by most starting characters could be supplied by the AI market so they were always available. Anything else, however, should be left to the players. @Fenris I was a big advocate of the barter trade until I started looking at the test bed. Now I'm not so sure. It's gotten a bit more complicated and if you spend the majority of your game time clicking buttons to get all the resources, craft the mats, combine the mats, build the ship, etc... when were you going to fight? It makes more sense to follow the open econ model than the one you are suggesting. And, as a point of curiosity, how do you plan on doing all this yourself with only five production buildings? You'll need a ship yard, a workshop for cannon, a handful of resource buildings: you need to get the rest of the bits from someone. And batering for it goods for goods is still buying them from someone else. Remus' example shows how the demand for ships will grow and it will be faster if more people build different parts. The drain on any one person's LH will be less, so ships get built faster.
  6. Challenge

    Global Server US Nation meeting (PvP1 & PvP2)

    Sadly I was working during this.
  7. Yes, for the first character you get a redeamable for lvl, cash and rank. Once you use it, it's gone, so it's a one-shot. Don't cash it in until you're sure that's the nation you want to play.
  8. Challenge

    Shipbuilding woods

    Inflationary prices are already taking over the market. Not allowing players to produce anything used for crafting is begging for trouble. Not woods, but an example: Hemp, according to the trader tool is Sell: for 31; Buy: 63. A player with 26 to sell on the market is asking 200 for it. So either I spend 10000 to build a hemp farm and go into competition or pay 3 times what it's worth. And we aren't even into the resource crunch that will happen once ship crafters get to work. IMO This will make fine woods look like a cake walk.
  9. You will no longer be able to pick up a ship and sail it with skills without having to grind your way throgh half a dozen others to free up the perk boxes in others.
  10. Challenge

    Remove alliances - community view

    But there is more to the game than that, and the no alliance option makes them more problematic. The final choice can't be a one-trick pony. It needs to operate well across the board. RvR, 1v1, PvE (which I'm sure you probably could not care less about), and trade.
  11. Challenge

    Remove alliances - community view

    Can't say I like it as it is, but don't like the other option either. As is the alliance system is limiting. Either you are allies or enemies. No room for neutrals, trade partners, even friends, but not allies isn't a thing. Nees some different i\options, but doing away with it sounds self defeating, creating more problems than it solves.
  12. The current trade tool works reasonably well for buying from the AI market, and does sort of reflect the information grid at the time. You wouldn't have up to date info. You would know where something was produced and the average production and cost, but by the time you got there it could be sold out. Or the price could change... Rumors of big spikes in production would come from reliable sources you cultivate among other traders and sailors, but still no guarantee of getting it. We do need some way to set up trades, or at least advertise our wares globally so we can start setting up trade partners in other factions, but the flavor of the game is opposed to instantaneous communications. Ned Low, your system is a great idea but breaks the "experience" the devs seem to be shooting for. I can see your auction issue, but really this needs a delay -- like posting offers, bids and counter offers at server reset just as the trader tool is up dated now. This would at least simulate the time it takes for your agents to get updated info. @admin Why is sugar a limited resource? I realize you may want to limit the resources used to craft materials and useful goods, but you do know that Sugar was one of the biggest money making exports of this region, yes? Seems to go against your implied goals for the game's feel. Rum was plentiful as well; tobacco too.
  13. Just make it so you can't tag or be tagged for some length of time after leaving a battle. No invisibility spell, no TP -- just can't be tagged long enough to make a break for it.
  14. Challenge


    You know you can turn it off, right?
  15. Challenge

    New pop for ressources and regional bonus?

    It isn't just resources, but population to harvest them. A lot of those producing areas on the map are not occupied by Europeans at the time frame of the game.
  16. @Slamz This is a generalization that I don't think applies to either group. I prefer trading with real folk for what I need regardless of the server. AI trades are just for fun (and way too massive profits). But we are testing things and devs did say money was made easy to get to test various aspects of the game. I see your point on this one. It's why I think the cost/profit ratio for buying from the bots should be so marginal that once players start putting their goods into the market under cutting and over bidding for the goods should be relatively easy. That will kill the incentive to stay with AI trade partners. (And you still get to hunt down the traders and steal their resources whoever they were bought from.) This is called triangle trading and is actually what happened in the real world to make profits. For example: The British American colonies produced wood and other raw materials which were shipped to England. There they were sold and manufactured goods purchased and taken to the Caribbean where some of the manufactured goods and left over colonial raw mats were sold and local produce and resources loaded up for the trip back to port of origin. It was so profitable the crown told the Yanks they couldn't do that any more. Or did you think the Revolution was brought on by a stupid tax on tea? You're right about money though. It was simply a way to easily carry an accepted medium of exchange. However, goods exchanges are a valid method of exchange and still used today -- just not on a large scale. And if you have the hold and willing partners, trading goods instead of money is just as efficient as using money -- just need bigger pockets. ... and for this bit... It depends on what's in demand where I'm going. It does no good to buy the widgets is there's no demand for them and how would you know the profit before they were sold? Thing is, I think your assessment is based on the economy we've had up til now. I still say that when everything is reset -- including levels and rank when they get to that -- it could be months of real time before anyone can build anything worth buying. It will take time to get money to buy things, but without an AI trade presence how long before someone builds a ship for sale? We all start at Zero $$, Zero resources, and zero skills. A player economy should out strip the AI traders fairly quickly, but we will need more than 7 outposts and 5 production buildings each for it to be workable.
  17. You lose a mast you are out of the fight. It is a major undertaking to step a new mast. A rolling ship, in combat, repairing one in 10 minutes. No Fing Way. It would take a day to do that for one. You need to haul a mast up with a block and tackle set above the highest pint of the mast section you are raising, carefully raising it while keeping everything lined up or the thing will roll off, slide or any number of other issues. Given the situation that ship in the video was in -- never happen. Period. That's fantasy physics crap.
  18. Challenge

    Personal officer growth

  19. Challenge


    Global chat does help, I think. With it I was able to learn that someone was looking for resources I had, and was flush in what I needed. We arranged a meeting and sailed into a free port for the trade. But if we could only use the contract system I could only sell for cash; he could only buy for cash -- and neither of us needed that. In another case someone posted for a good and I told them where I had seen some. I wasn't in a position to go get it myself, so I couldn't buy and resell. I can see it working without it. It would be much more realistic, but would take longer to get things up and running, and may require more players than we have on any of the servers atm. But it could work.
  20. Slamz, as a point to start with... PvE players simply prefer cooperation over constant conflict between players. The reason for a PvE server preference is because PvPers appear to hate cooperating, are quite rude to anyone not in their group and, in general, behave a lot like the hulk toward each other. It doesn't mean they don't like working with or fighting against other players -- we just prefer communicating and trading with a politer group of people who don't talk dismiss us... *Before I get all the heat I expect from that, please remember it was directed toward someone who was a bit dismissive toward an entire group of players.* I actually like fighting against other folks. Again I prefer those who are polite. But that isn't the real issue of the OP. Until a player has an established outposts and production buildings and raw materials, what are you going to trade and build with? Remember, you start the game with a cutter and No Cash. How are you going to afford the construction to make the stuff you need until you have the where-with-all to do that? Established clan members aren't going to trade with some newb -- unless they join the clan. That means you are essentially telling people they have to play your way or no way. Something a lot of PvPers seem to do -- a lot if you read these forums. Trade goods, for the most part, have little to do with making stuff -- except cash. The AI buys and sells these and that provides the goods for trade missions and profit for building the empire: for getting resources, better ships, etc. They definitely need to be toned down a bit and the profits reduced to give you an income but not in the millions I can make on a single run in an Indiaman. Resources too, but again, in smaller quantities. Pricing needs adjusting. Smaller ships, with anything 4th rate or better left to the players. (Maybe 5th rate -- still thinking about that.) I agree with Fenris that the players need to trade, and a lot more of that should be encouraged. But until there is a good set of trade tools available the player-based economy is going to stagnate. If the AI sales are costly or lower profit or limited quantities, eventually the player will offer enough goods at reasonable prices -- but will likely never cover the trade goods category for newbs to earn their first cash.
  21. Challenge


    Devs keep saying they want to have a player-driven economy, but aren't providing tools to make it happen. Without Global chat there isn't any real way of communicating with fellow traders; no way of knowing what, where or when goods are put up for trade or sale. The system that says your country is either an ally or an enemy of others, without any allowance for the concept of neutral or even friendly (but not allied) has never entered the discussion. Yet, historically, that is what happened. Serious, hard core PvPers don't want to trade anyway. Hell, many don't want in-game trade at all. They howled when the resource distribution was made more realistic because they had to get them from other players, from other national factions. They live only for PBs and would prefer this be a lobby set up to avoid all the crappy stuff like gaining experience, actual strategic planning. The only reason they bother with the OW is looking for traders to steal from (the same traders that would build the economy the Devs talk about, and provide the PvP player with the resources and materials to build the boats they want) or getting to the next PB. While I don't have a problem with players with that mindset I feel they have had an influence on the lack of trade tools. I am confused about how the devs want to get a player econ up and running without tools, however. The horrid chat behavior, for example, is why the Global chat is considered for a cut. People who only see this as an us/them; must crush everything, everyone that isn't me or mine tend to be a bit rude.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbeHuoF7Hxc This is a good lesson on sail management. Covers the basic nicely.
  23. Then hunt the little twerps down and give them a little PvP as spice... (He, he, he.) There should be very little bot activity away from the population centers so they need to be near those to get the points they need.. I just think some of the "skills" should actually BE upgrades. Magazine access, for example, is about cutting wider hatchways and clearing -- possibly widening -- the companionways. It has nothing to do with experience. Powder Monkey on the other hand is learning (xp) to take the time to see that the boy gets trained in the details of the job. So there are things I think need to be upgrades you can build in or add on later. Adding on should take the ship out of service for a time.
  24. Not really easy. I want to test new things, maybe. So do I give up my Global or PvE character?